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AV8 2019 Kite Cabrinha

Cabrinha AV8 Kite

High Performance Foil / Big Air kite

Cabrinha"s new boost and hangtime monster, the AV8, has been developed for riders who like to jump high and stay airborn for a long time. The Cabrinha AV8 2019 offers 5 strut power in combination with a lightweight and efficient design. It has a fully optimized AR to offer you the best performance on the water. A great freeride kite for the high flyers and kiters who like to fast fast with a foil.

The Cabrinha AV8 shoots upwind at high speed and feels very stable. This kite will also behave well in races thanks to its fast flying speed. It has a very large sweet spot and an excellent wind range. A kite that will definitely boost your freeride skills to a higher level!

  • Dacron high tenacity strength for improved arc stability
  • Ultimate performance in the most diverse circumstances
  • Smooth power delivery and very good depower
  • Predictable handling with superior stability and range
  • Great sweet spot
  • Good upwind performance

    Cabrinha AV8 Kite

    Cabrinha AV8 Kite

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