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CBL 2021 Kiteboard Cabrinha

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Cabrinha CBL 2021 Kiteboard

Twin tip from Cabrinha made especially for wakestyle / freestyle kitesurfing

Do you like to be out in the park or are you looking for a board with which you can take your wakestyle and freestyle riding to the next level? Then the CBL 2021 from Cabrinha is the right board for you. The CBL is regarded as the ultimate wakestyle weapon and this year it also impresses with its cool design. You can use it for wakestyle and freestyle kitesurfing, but also as a wakeboard in the cable park.

With its high rocker, its quad concave on the bottom, its stiff flex and its unidirectionally placed basalt fibers, the CBL 2021 ensures that you always have a soft landing after high jumps or kickers.
The center section of the CBL is flat, so you can ride on various obstacles with the CBL from Cabrinha.
In addition, certain areas of the CBL have been reinforced with carbon to achieve optimal flex. The rather stiff flex in combination with the high rocker are able to generate a huge pop! The bottom of the CBL is a scratch-resistant P-Tex grind base, which makes the CBL a very durable and robust board, even if you take it over kickers and sliders.
In addition, the CBL from Cabrinha has rail and tip channels, which in combination with the quad concave ensure a lot of grip and comfort when riding with and without fins. In addition, this combination enables particularly smooth take offs. Even in choppy water you have a very stable and comfortable ride with the CBL. So if you are an advanced kitesurfer looking for a sturdy board which you can use both for wakestyle and freestyle riding with the kite, as well as without a kite in the cable park, you need the CBL 2021 from Cabrinha.

  • Freestyle / wakestyle
  • For advanced kitersurfers
  • Lots of pop
  • Stiff flex
  • Quad concave
  • Tip and Rail Channels
  • robust grind base
  • including Fins

    Cabrinha CBL 2021 Kiteboard
    Cabrinha CBL 2021 Kiteboard

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