Chaos 2017Cabrinha

Cabrinha Chaos 2017

De nieuwste 2017 Cabrinha Chaos is geboren!

This new Chaos by Cabrinha has been improved and perfected this year. Made to rip during a competition or pull some gigantic kiteloops. The chaos has already proven itself last year by bringing Liam Whaley to the top of the 2016 freestyle world tour! This kite gives you a crazy pop to go as high as possible, with a nice stall to land your handle passes.

An advantage the Chaos has is its very good wind range. Much better than other C-kites. This means that you can continue to ride even though the wind increases or decreases a little during a race. The splits in the power lines (or C-port lines) offer extra stability at the leading edge. This means that the Cabrinha Chaos is more stable in the air, for an even greater fly experience. The advantages of a C-kite, with the stability of bridle support.

This Cabrinha Chaos is made for freestyle. This means the Chaos goes through the turns and doesn't actually turn on the wing tips. This creates a direct and explosive turn. The bar pressure of the Chaos stays the same and offers you a wonderful feeling which gives you a good indication where your kites at in the sky. Last but not least you have the option to choose whether your Chaos response quickly or acts a little bit slower for some nice handle passes.

  • Freestyle kite made to do great during competitions
  • Specially developed to unhook
  • Cabrinha quality, control & safety
  • Explosive doll
  • A lot of power and aggression in the turn for c kiteloops
  • Many adjustment options
  • Sharp and precise radius
  • Very fast acceleration
  • Good wind range for a C-kite
  • Support lines for a more stable angle

    Cabrinha Chaos unhooked

    Cabrinha Chaos kiteloop

    Cabrinha Chaos freestyle

    Cabrinha Chaos 2017

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