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Contra 1S 2021 Kite Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Contra 1 strut 2021

High performance light wind kite with single strut design

In 2021 Cabrinha will again launch a great range of kitesurf kites, but there is one that immediately stands out for us; The Cabrinha Contra 1 Strut! We had been waiting for a while for the first single strut kite, especially more and more kiters have started foiling and want to kite in low wind. The Cabrinha Contra 1S offers the ultimate balance between efficiency and wind range, with unique control in low wind. Using just 1 strut, the Contra 1S is lighter and more manoeuvrable, allowing you to use smaller sizes and use the maximum potential for foiling.

The superior drift of the Contra 1-strut ensures that you can ride effortlessly downwind on a wave and that the kite hangs beautifully in the air, even when you depower the kite. The kite has a very dynamic design and a mega wide wind range. So you can kite with a size smaller very quickly and continue sailing the kite for a surprisingly long time. The Contra 1 Strut is not only suitable for foiling, but you can also use it well for light wind surf sessions on your surfboard or even freeride on a twin tip. Especially lighter riders will appreciate this kite. A super versatile 1-strut kite that every Cabrinha kiter was waiting for, including us!

  • Cabrinha Contra 2021 1S
  • NEW Lightweight design with 1 Strut
  • Strong construction with closing seam
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy: durability, stability and responsiveness
  • High strength Dacron for reinforced profile
  • Strategic strut reinforcements in high load areas
  • Pure Profile Panels for original aerodynamics
  • Agile and agile steering for better power delivery
  • Superior drift characteristics and good underpowered steering response
  • Effortless restart in the lightest wind conditions

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