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Cabrinha Contra 2019 Kite

Light wind freeride kitesurf kite

The Cabrinha Contra was one of the first light weather tube kites on the market and proves itself every year again as one of the best light wind kites available. The Contra has a lightweight 3-strut design and tips with little drag for the best possible light-weather performance. The Contra ensures that you can be the first one on the water!

The Cabrinha Contra 2019 is for kitesurfing that wants to explore light weather with a fast, direct light weather kite. The Contra runs beautifully and is easy to restart for a kite of its size. A jump with possibly a nice front or backroll and delicious hangtime, the Contra is 100% enjoy in light weather. That the Contra is really devoted to kiting with little wind is also reflected in the sizes in which the Cabrinha Contra 2019 is available, namely only in 13, 15, 17 and 19 meters.

The Contra has a fine bar pressure with good power and depower options. Thanks to the Pure Profile Panels, the Contra has an optimized shape which gives him less drag and therefore better flight characteristics. The kite can be adjusted to your own preferences such as more depower or faster steering behavior.

  • 4-line bridle kite
  • Pure Profile Panels
  • Double ripstop cloth
  • Easy relaunch
  • Lightweight Dacron
  • Fast one-pump

    Cabrinha Contra 2019 Kite

    Cabrinha Contra 2019 Kite

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