Double Agent Foil Board 2018Cabrinha

Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Board 2018

Multifunctional hydrofoil board

Hydrofoiling and surf skating with one board!

The Cabrinha Double Agent Foil board is one board with two faces. The Double Agent can be used with the Foil kit as a hydrofoil board but is easily converted into a very fun playful wake skate / surf skate board.

The Cabrinha Double Agent is made of a wood core which gives the board a medium flex. This allows you to do fun wake skate tricks with this board and the board does not nosedives quickly in the water if you use it as hydrofoil. The board can be ridden with and without straps. If you can not use the Double Agent already hydrofoil board there is the possibility to use a quad setup fins for the waves. The Double Agent foilkit is very easy to attach to the board through the four inserts in the board. The entire board is equipped with a deckpad so that you have grip everywhere for the hydrofil or versatile wake skate tricks. With the Cabrinha Double Agent, fun is guaranteed!

  • Foil / surf / skate
  • Playful responsive shape
  • Suitable for super many conditions
  • Super durable
  • Foil excluded
  • Includes three straps, four fins and a deckpad