Drifter + Spade 2018Cabrinha

Cabrinha Drifter + Spade 2018

Wave kite and surfboard

The Cabrinha Drifter and Spade 2018 are the ideal combination for smooth waveriding! The Drifter is in our opinion and according to a lot of independent reviews the wave kite on the market. In combination with the Cabrinha Spade 2018 a truly all-round surfboard for many conditions makes it a set to shred waves!

Cabrinha Drifter 2018

The kite lives up to it's name and has a good drift, this creates the ultimate "surf" feeling while riding a wave. The kite does not pull you out of the wave but stays very nicely in the air. Furthermore, the Drifter has a very good depower which ensures that you have low power when riding the wave but power when you need to escape one.

The kite has various trim options for both the power lines and the steering lines. For example, you can opt for a setting of onshore or off-shore wind. This means that you can trim the kite to the position where you want it to be in the windwindow. In addition, you can attatch the steering line to two different positions with which you can change the bar pressure, choose the setting which fits your needs.

Cabrinha Spade 2018

The Cabrinha Spade 2018 is designed to give you the ultimate surfing experience in all conditions. This makes the Cabrinha Spade also very suitable for the Dutch conditions. Besides surf, it is also great for strapless freestyle.

The Cabrinha Spade 2018 has a slightly rounder outline than for example the S Quad. This makes him forgiving and offers good rail to rail cornering. The Cabrinha Spade rides easily and will challenge you to rip waves.

If there are any questions or comments about this set, please feel free to contact us. We can tell you much more and advise you to make the right choice!

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