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Fireball complete upgrade kit Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Fireball complete upgrade kit

Cabrinha reinvented the chickenloop

Since the beginning of the kitesurfing sport, we have copied a lot of our windsurf friends. The Chickenloop for example, the connection between you and your kite. Cabrinha took a closer look at the chickenloop and decided that it was time to replace the chickenloop for a very handy system, the Fireball! This fireball provides less friction while steering, so the kite can move more freely and your harness will slide less around your waist. With this complete set, you are ready to hit the water!

Thanks to this fireball connection, riding hooked in will never feel the same again. Kitesurfing with the fireball system feels a lot more comfortable. Because of this ball, you get a more connected feeling and there is less friction while sending your kite left and right. The socket of the fireball is a lot closer to your harness which reduces the forces generated when rotating your body. Depowering your kite is also a piece of cake with the fireball system.

The handy locking mechanism of the Cabrinha Fireball is the closure itself. This is a super safe system and you can open it at all times. As soon as you lock it in, it stays there, without any friction! This upgrade kit of Cabrinha is suitable for all 2017 bars of Cabrinha. Do you have a question about the installation of the Cabrinha Fireball complete upgrade kit? Call or email us!

  • Complete upgrade kite to the fireball system
  • Suitable for almost all harnesses
  • Solid stainless steel
  • Ergonomic bar pad
  • Nice finishing touch

    fireball complete

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