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Moto + Spectrum 2020 Kitesurf Set Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Moto + Spectrum 2020 kitesurf set

Awesome set for the beginner and advanced kite surfer

The Cabrinha Moto has been one of Cabrinha"s most popular kites since its launch. The Cabrinha Moto is super all-round. Suitable for beginners and advanced kite surfers. The Moto has a large depower range and fast steering behavior. Due to its three strut profile, the Moto does very well in light winds, but the Moto does not shy away from a storm. In combination with the Spectrum, you can go uphill very easily and sail comfortably through choppy water.

Cabrinha Moto 2020 Kite

The playful freeride cross-over kite from Cabrinha with a new Nano Ripstop Canopy!

Everybody loved the Cabrinha Moto from the moment it was introduced in 2019. It’s back, and even better for 2020! The Moto turned out to be a hugely popular kite with features that many kite surfers were waiting for. The Cabrinha Moto 2020 has a light bar pressure, steer quickly, good depower and easy relaunch. You can use the Cabrinha Moto for freeride, surf and hydrofoil kite surfing. The Moto is there for beginners to advanced. Even kite surfing schools have started giving lessons with the Moto and are very positive about it.

You can describe the Cabrinha Moto as a Switchblade with a better low-end and faster steering characteristics. In terms of performance, you can place the Moto 2020 between the Drifter and FX. It is the ideal kite for the playful kitesurfer who is active in various kitesurfing disciplines. Due to the lightweight three-strut design, the Moto has a good low-end and you can also use the Moto very well for foil and wave kite surfing.

In terms of design, the Moto 2020 has remained the same, because: "Why change a winning team?" The Moto has received a major upgrade regarding to the construction. The Moto’s canopy is made for 2020 from the new Nano Ripstop. This Nano Ripstop has twice as many cells as a normal double Ripstop cloth. This makes the Moto 2020 stiffer, more direct and much stronger than the 2019 version. The Nano Ripstop fabric has a special plasma coating that ensures that the fabric of your Cabrinha Moto 2020 stays in good condition for a long time.

The Pure Profile Panels in the Cabrinha Moto 2020 give the leading edge a perfect round shape, making the Moto super stable in the air. The Dacron layout has been optimized to make the Moto 2020 even lighter. The High Tenacity Dacron is used to strengthen the Moto in wear-prone areas.
So if you want an easy kite with a light bar pressure, large wind range and suitable for different disciplines with a good low-end, then the Cabrinha Moto was already a perfect choice and now even better in 2020 thanks to the new Nano Ripstop canopy!

  • Freeride Crossover Kite
  • Twintip | Foil | Directional
  • Three struts
  • 4 lines
  • New Nano Ripstop canopy
  • Light bar pressure
  • Good depower
  • Good low end
  • Easy relaunch
  • Pure Proflie panels
  • High Tenacity Dacron
  • No pulleys

    Cabrinha Spectrum 2020 Kiteboard

    All-round freeride twin tip kiteboard from Cabrinha

    The Cabrinha Spectrum is one of the best all round freeride kiteboards on the market. Very popular among beginners and kite surfers who want to ride comfortably. Cabrinha has designed the Spectrum to make you feel confident from the first moment you ride on the Spectrum. With the Spectrum 2020 you can ride easily upwind and quickly surf away with little wind.

    The wooden core of the Cabrinha Spectrum with fiberglass finish ensures a soft flex. The advantage of this is that the Spectrum can ride smoothly and with much control through choppy water. The flat rocker in combination with the straight outline ensure that you get early planing and walking height is a piece of cake. A single concave and large fins give you a lot of grip at all times. There is an ideal Cabrinha Spectrum 2020 for every level and weight, as the kiteboard is available in many different sizes. Even if you are looking for a lightning kiteboard, the 144, 148 or 152 is a good option.

    All in all, the Cabrinha Spectrum 2020 is the perfect beginners board. And a kiteboard that you will not soon be bored off because of its familiar character and super comfortable kitesurfing characteristics, ideal for freeride kite surfing.

  • Freeride
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Comfortable
  • Easy upwind
  • Wooden core
  • Single concave
  • ABS rail
  • ABS inserts
  • Average rocker
  • Including fins and grab handle

    Cabrinha Spectrum 2020 kiteboard

    Cabrinha Spectrum 2020 kiteboard

    Cabrinha Spectrum 2020 kiteboard

    Cabrinha Moto 2020 Kite

    Cabrinha Moto 2020 Kite

    Cabrinha Moto 2020 Kite

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