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Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil 2021 Bar Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil 2021 bar

Adjustable bar with chickenloop options and recoil depower system

With the new upgraded Overdrive Modular with recoil system from Cabrinha you are assured of the latest techniques and a super clean kitesurf bar. You can adjust the Overdrive Modular kitesurfbar in width, choose your own chickenloop option and depower it with a recoil system. Everything you need comes together Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil bar 2021.

The depower recoil system works with two straps: one for power and one for depower. That way you can always easily reach the depower system, even if you don"t have long arms. In addition, there is a spring over the PU depower line. This spring ensures that when you release your bar, the Overdrive Modular 1X bar does not go too far away. This is also very useful if you are not the tallest person on earth.

With the Modular chickenloop system you can attach different types of chickenloops to your Overdrive Modular 1X recoil bar 2021 from Cabrinha. The Large loop is a chicken loop for freestyle kite surfers who hook out. The Small loop is made for freeride kite surfers who like hooked in freeride kitesurfing. This loop is also useful if you sometimes have difficulty getting to your depower, or want to have the maximum depower range. The rope slider modular chickenloop fits perfectly with the kite surfer who sails with a rope on his trapeze on for example a directional or foil board. Finally, there is the Cabrinha Fireball option. The fireball gives you complete freedom with a fixed confirmation. For this option you do need a Cabrinha Fireball spreader bar. The Modular chickenloops from Cabrinha are super easy to attach by clicking them in the QR.

The updated Overdrive system from Cabrinha to extend your bar is now easier than ever! In the new soft bar ends of the Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil bar there is an insert that holds the steering line. You can pull the insert part out of the bar end and put the power line back in more to the inside of the outside of the bar. This way you can adjust the bar length from 44 to 52 or 52 to 60.

The Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil 2021 bar has a low split of the power lines for a nice direct feeling with your kite. With the swivel above your QR you can easily untwist your power lines apart if you have done a loop or turn.

  • 4 lines
  • Low V split
  • New Modular system
  • New Overdrive system
  • Recoil depower
  • Soft bar ends
  • Comfortable grip
  • Available in two sizes
  • Modular chickenloops are excluded

    Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil 2021 bar

    Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil 2021 bar

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