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Overdrive Modular 1X Trimlite 2021 Bar Cabrinha

Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Trimlite 2021 Bar

Adjustable bar with various chicken loop options and clam cleat depower

The new Overdrive Modular 1X bar from Cabrinha has been completely updated! The newest techniques have been added to meet the latest standards. With the Overdrive Modular 1X Trimlite you can adjust your bar width, choose your own chickenloop option and depower with an easy clam cleat system.

To start with, the way you can adjust the width of the Overdrive bar is super easy. In the new soft bar ends there is an insert part to which the steering line is attached. You can pull the insert out of the bar end and place it more in or out. This makes the Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X trimlite adjustable in 8 cm, so that you can ride the bar on any size of kite!

Another major upgrade is the interchangeable Modular chickenloop system. With this Modular system you can easily mount four different chicken loops on your Cabrinha Overdrive Modular bar. You can choose for a rope slider, small loop, large loop and Fireball. The rope slider is ideal for kite surfers kitesurfing on a directional, foil or twin tip without unhooking. If you are a smaller kite surfer you will get the most out of your depower range with the small loop. For freestyle kite surfers, Cabrinha has the large loop and of course Cabrinha’s own system can be installed as the "Fireball" as a Modular chickenloop. Exchanging the Modular chicken loops is super simple and done in a few seconds. You click the chicken loop out and back in just like a car seat belt connection. This allows you to quickly change discipline and chickenloop during your session.

The Overdrive Modular 1X Trimlite works with an easy-to-use clam cleat depower system. A single PU tube runs through the center of the bar, making the bar super clean. All Cabrinha bars have a low V split of the power lines, which means that the Cabrinha kites feel nice and direct.

  • 4 lines
  • Low V split
  • Clam cleat depower
  • New Overdrive system
  • New Modular chickenloops
  • New bar ends
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Available in two sizes
  • Modular loops no included

    Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1x trimlite 2021 bar

    Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1x trimlite 2021 bar

    Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1x trimlite 2021 bar

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