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Stylus 2022 Kiteboard Cabrinha

Cabrinha Stylus 2022 Kiteboard

The ultimate light weather kiteboard from Cabrinha

The Cabrinha Stylus 2022 is designed in such a way that the kiteboard allows you to easily get up to speed and generate power in the worst wind conditions. The bindings of the Stylus are slightly more to the heel side, allowing for easy edging and effortless upwind performance.

The Cabrinha Stylus 2022 has a construction of a Paulownia wood core and UD Basalt to optimize the durability of the kiteboard and make the kiteboard strong, but also incredibly light! The Stylus 2022 has a stiff flex that makes the kiteboard feel responsive and you maintain control at high speeds. To make the kiteboard perform even better in light wind, a special light wind rocker has been used. Thanks to this low rocker line, the Cabrinha Stylus 2022 planes easily with minimal speed, so you can get on the water in no time!

The inserts of the Stylus are indestructible thanks to the Abs material used in the insert blocks. The Cabrinha Stylus 2022 comes with fins and handle.

  • Light weather | Beginner kiteboard
  • Comes upwind easily
  • Very comfortable
  • Very good upwind properties
  • Soft Flex
  • Straight outline
  • Low rocker
  • Rail channels
  • Includes fins and grab handle

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