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XCal Carbon 2022 Kiteboard Cabrinha

Cabrinha XCal Carbon 2022 Kiteboard

Big air and freestyle kiteboard from Cabrinha

The XCal Carbon 2022 is a high performance kiteboard that delivers unprecedented performance in all types of conditions. The XCal has razor-sharp responsiveness, cruises easily through chop and is stable for hard and fast landings. Last year the XCal Carbon 2022 already had a great upgrade, but the kiteboard has also been improved this year! The channels in the tips are defined and allow for a more aggressive start. You notice this aggressive start especially when pushing off in the water of a wave, you will hold your edge easier and boost higher than ever!

The XCal Carbon is extra responsive thanks to strategic use of exclusive Japanese Toray Carbon Leading to explosive pop and instant grip on fast landings. The core of the kiteboard is made of vertically laminated A-grade Paulownia wood, making the kiteboard super strong and light. The XCal has a somewhat stiffer flex pattern, resulting in the kiteboard reacting and getting up to speed easily.

The XCal Carbon 2022 is perfect for advanced kite surfers who want to work on their skills without limits! Achieve new heights, land tricks and push your limits with the new improved XCal Carbon 2022 your from Cabrinha!

  • High performance big air / freestyle
  • Japanese Toray carbon construction
  • Fast rocker line
  • Stiff flex
  • Paulownia wood core
  • Deep Tip Channels
  • Lots of speed
  • Easy against the wind
  • Includes fins and handle

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