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XLITE2 2022 Kite Core Kiteboarding

Core XLite 2 Kite

The One-Strut-Foiling Kite by Core Kiteboarding

The Core XLite 2 is the one-strut kite for all dedicated foilers out there! With the new CoreTex 2.0 canopy, new sizes, new fine-tuned bridles, panels and shape the new XLite 2 is packed with performance for kite-foilers in any wind condition! The new Core XLite 2 is 30% less in weight than the Nexus 2 – awesome drift and fast turning in light winds are the results!

The biggest new feature in of the XLite 2 is definitely the new CoreTex 2.0 flight cloth. This new material is less in weight than the previous CoreTex canopy, but most importantly it has zero stretch, very durable and UV protected. This results in a new even more direct and agile XLite 2 with better drift and faster turns.

Also new for this Core XLite 2 are the additional sizes Core has added to the range. If you want to rip on the foil in stronger wind, the 2m and 3m XLite 2 are ideal. For those super light wind summer breezes, the 13,5m XLite 2 is perfect. Especially in the smaller sizes, Core did a lot of work to finetune the bridles, rearrange the panel layout and adapt the shape of the Core XLite 2 to further improve the performance of the kite.

Core continues to follow the new style and design scheme also with the XLite 2 matching kites like the XR7 or Section 4 – we like that a lot!

The One-Strut construction and the lightwind profile ensure that the XLite 2 has a great amount of drift. This is perfect to practice new maneuvers and progress further as the kite will not fall out of the sky if you loose your line tension. The Future C Shape goes fast into turns supported by the ultrashort bridle system. Thanks to the CIT – Core Intelligent Trim Options you can fine tune the XLite 2 to your likings! Even in almost no wind, you will be able to relaunch the XLite 2 and continue your light wind mission!

Whether you want to glide over the water in silence, watch the sun set from the top of your Foilboard in almost no wind or if you want to rip on the foil in any condition, also in strong, gusty and punchy winds – now there is the perfect Core XLite 2 for any foiling game! The Core XLite 2 has been majorly improved compared to the previous model and is significantly more robust, less in weight, direct and has more drift! With a lot of weight savings compared to the Nexus 2 (30%), the new CoreTex 2.0 and a larger size range, the XLite 2 will bring your foiling game to the next level!

The Core XLite 2 is best steered with the Core Sensor 3 Foil Bar, but works great on any Sensor Bar. This Kite is the perfect extension of the Core SLC Foil and Foilboard – test the limits of physics with this Core Foiling Setup!

  • Foiling
  • One Strut
  • new: CoreTex 2 Canopy
  • new: smaller and larger sizes
  • ExoTex Light Struts
  • High Y
  • CIT – Core Intelligent Trim
  • 30% less weight than Nexus 2
  • Awesome Drift
  • Available in sizes: 2.0 | 3.0 | 4.0 | 5.0 | 6.0 | 7.0 | 8.0 | 9.0 | 10.0 | 11.0 | 12.0 | 13.5

    Core XLite 2-kit
    Single strut foil kite
    Foilkite wavekite Core

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