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Kite Leash Shorty Dakine

Dakine Kite Leash Shorty

Short kitesurf leash from Dakine

Because of a short kite leash you will no longer be annoyed by the standard long kitesurf leash. A long leash is useful if you are going to do handle passes or unhooked wave riding, but otherwise it only gets in the way. A short kitesurf leash is the most convenient and safest option when you are riding. The short kitesurf leash attach to the front of your kitesurf trapeze or to your trapeze hook.

This Dakine short kitesurfleash has a standard safety which uses a push away safety system. The leash is made of the same kind of leash that you can find surfboard leash, super strong. On the Dakine short leash there is a swivel so that no rotation can occur in the leash. The closure is made of stainless steel and covered with a padding.

  • 65cm long
  • Push away safety
  • Stainless steel closure
  • Surfboard leash material

    Dakine kitesurf short leash

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