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Evo 2019 KiteDuotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Evo Kite

Do It All

The Duotone Evo 2019 is one of the most sold kites of the brand and offers you the total package. The kite has 3 struts, a large wind range and is very stable. This makes it very suitable for beginners, but also for experienced freeriders a pleasure to ride. The Duotone Evo 2019 offers you a lot of fun on the water and is suitable for waveriding to freestyle. The choice of Tom Hebert in all conditions.

In 2018 the brand has chosen to change the kite from 5-line kite to 4-line. This was the missing piece that transformed the Evo into a true all-rounder and distinguished him from his brother, the Rebel. The Aspect Ratio of the smaller sizes has been tweaked for 2019 to make them slightly more stable than the predecessors. In addition, the depower has been improved and the Evo 2019 has a stiffer frame which makes it more stable. In addition, the Duotone Evo has less bar pressure than the 2018 variant which makes it nice and forgiving.

The Duotone Evo has a powerful lift and gigantic hangtime. You will probably have seen the videos of Tom Hebert doing the craziest tricks on the Evo. The Evo is real all-rounder. A kite that you can buy as the first kite through its good depower, fine bath pressure and easy relaunch. But one you will enjoy for a long time because of it's versatility , including the enormous hangtime, high and long jumps, and its wave ride characteristics. An all-in-one, the Duotone Evo 2019 kite!

  • The true all-rounder of Duotone
  • Stiff profile
  • Less bar pressure
  • Perfect for beginners to advanced kiters
  • The choice of Tom Hebert

    Duotone Evo 2019 Kite

    Duotone Evo 2019 Kite

    Duotone Evo 2019 Kite

    Duotone Evo 2019 Kite

  • Onze ervaring
    Onze ervaring
    5 July 2019 on 14:10

    De Evo is dit jaar veranderd om te kite toegankelijk te maken voor beginners. Dit heeft Duotone gefixed! Beginners kunnen met deze kite starten en zullen er nooit op uitgekeken raken. Je eerste sprong tot aan je 10meter sprong zal met de Evo uitstekend gaan. De Evo is echter minder of niet geschikt voor uitgehaakte tricks.

    6 November 2018 on 09:08

    Mijn keuze is op de nieuwe Duotone Evo 2019 gevallen omdat ik op zoek was naar een allround kite die stabiel aanvoelt. Ik vaar met een 7, 9, 12 en weeg 81kg en ik kan nagenoeg altijd kiten. Het windbereik is super en de kite voelt direct aan. De depower maakt dat hij ook erg geschikt is voor beginners, waardoor ik ze kan delen met mijn vriendin die net begonnen is met kiten.

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