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Duotone Evo 2020 Kite

The all-round kite from Duotone with a new bridle system

The Duotone Evo has been one of the most populair kites from Duotone for years. A pleasure for beginners to advanced, from waterstarts to big air. For air acrobat Tom Hebert there is only one choice, the Evo 2020! In his videos, he shows that you can really do everything with the Evo: freeride, freestyle, wave and kiteloops! The Duotone Evo is a super reliable kite and a favorite of many. That is why you might not expect any major changes to the Duotone Evo 2020, but that is certainly not the case.

Let's start with what has been characteristic of the Duotone Evo for years. As in all previous models, the Evo 2020 has a lightweight three-strut profile. The shape of the Evo 2020 can be described as a delta kite. This is one of the most comfortable kite profiles. The delta profile of the Evo ensures that the Evo can easily kite upwind, steers smoothly and has a super easy relaunch from the water. In addition, the Evo gives you a huge hangtime!
The canopy that is used in the Evo 2020 is made from the Trinity TX Teijin canopy that was exclusively designed for Duotone. This canopy has a combination of a double and triple ripstop fabric. The Trinity fabric gives you the perfect combination of performance and durability. The Evo 2020 is equipped with dacron and kevlar reinforcements at important points, making the Duotone Evo 2020 a kite that can take a beating.

So, what’s new? It seems small, but the consequences are huge. The new Duotone Evo 2020 has a fixed bridle, instead of a pulley bridle. The leading edge also had to become stiffer due to this change. The result is that the Evo is more playful and direct. You now feel better where the Evo 2020 is in the wind window and what the kite is doing. In addition, the trailing edge pattern has been changed with the combination of materials and the tip geometry. In the video below the changes are discussed and explained by designer Ralph.

  • All-round | Freeride | Freestyle | Big air
  • 3 strut design
  • Delta profile
  • Now with fixed bridle
  • New trailing edge
  • Sturdy leading edge
  • Trinity TX Teijin canopy
  • Fast relaunch
  • Large depower range
  • Long hang time
  • Can be adjusted personally

  • Professional advice

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