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Duotone Kiteboarding Evo + Gonzales 2023 Kitesurf Set

The Duotone Evo + Gonzales kitesurf set is the hottestr (complete) kitesurf set of the moment. The combination of Evo kite, Trust bar, Gonzales kiteboard and vario bindings ensures a flying start and guaranteed progression.

  • Duotone Evo 2023 Kite
  • Trust bar incl. freeride kit
  • Duotone Gonzales 2023 kiteboard
  • Duotone Vario bindings
Duotone Kiteboarding - Evo + Gonzales 2023 Kitesurf Set


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Intro Evo + Gonzales 2023 Kitesurf Set The Duotone Evo + Gonzales kitesurf set is the hottestr (complete) kitesurf set of the moment. The combination of Evo kite, Trust bar, Gonzales kiteboard and vario bindings ensures a flying start and guaranteed progression.

  • Duotone Evo 2023 Kite
  • Trust bar incl. freeride kit
  • Duotone Gonzales 2023 kiteboard
  • Duotone Vario bindings

Product Information

Duotone Evo + Gonzales 2023 Kitesurf Set

The ideal beginner kitesurf set from Duotone

The most wanted kitesurf set of the moment is available again, and the stock is limited! With the Duotone Evo in combination with the Gonzales board, the 2023 Trust bar and Vario bindings you are guaranteed to make a flying start in the kitesurfing sport! As a novice kitesurfer you will immediately love the Evo. The kite has a super nice sheet-and-go or while: send it in, pull the bar on and off you go. In addition, the Evo rides very easily upwind and has a quick relaunch.
The Duotone Gonzales is the brand's entry-level kiteboard and therefore very suitable for beginners. The kiteboard has a flat rocker and a soft flex that allows you to run super comfortably in all conditions and easy upwind. Vario bindings are included in the set with the Gonzales, these have a 'one-size-fits-all' fit.

Duotone Evo 2023 Kite

Super friendly all-round freeride kite from Duotone

The Duotone Evo 2023 is the most user-friendly and most all-round kite from Duotone. Everybody’s best friend and very easy to deal with. From beginner to pro and from freeride to big air, the Duotone Evo 2023 is super versatile and fun for everyone! It’s not a surprise that the Duotone Evo is on of the most popular kites on the market.

The Duotone Evo cannot be defined by just one kitesurfing discipline and that is precisely what makes the Evo 2023 your ideal first kitesurfing kite. Whether you are going to practice your first jumps, going upwind or trying to control the hydrofoil: the Duotone Evo 2023 will take you by the hand and ensure that you will confidently make progress in all kitesurfing disciplines. But it doesn't just stop at riding your first meters. Kitesurfing professionals such as Tom Hebert and Lewis Crathern show that the Duotone Evo 2023 can also perform at the highest level. The Evo 2023 does not back down for hooked tricks and big air in particular.

Freeride is where the Duotone Evo 2023 excels. The 'sheet-and-go' feature of the Duotone Evo makes it a piece of cake for everyone to ride away with this kite. Due to the large depower range on the bar and the stable character, the Evo 2023 can be controlled very well in all conditions. A gust is super easy to caught by pushing the bar a bit away from you. Going upwind is also no problem with the Duotone Evo 2023, so you quickly gain the confidence to push your level! While practicing your first backroll, jump or just that first time riding through the surf, your kite will probably end up in the water a few times. Fortunately, relaunching the Duotone Evo is super easy. Due to the round shape of the LE and the wingtips, you only have to pull on a steering line and have a little patience before the Duotone Evo 2023 is back above you at twelve o’clock. Ready for your next trick!

The Duotone Evo 2023 is made of the super strong and exclusive to Duotone Teijin Trinity TX canopy. This is a special 3x2 ripstop fabric which ensures a perfect ratio of flex, stiffness and weight. This in combination with a fixed pulley-less bridle ensures a fine and gradual steering input from your bar. You can easily and quickly inflate the three strong struts and LE with the Duotone one-pump valve. Make sure you have a Duotone pump, hose or adapter to inflate your Duotone Evo 2023.

In short, are you looking for a super friendly and easy kite? Then the Duotone Evo 2023 is definitely a kite for you! The perfect kite to make rapid progress and to discover all disciplines of kitesurfing.

Features Duotone Evo 2023
  • Allround Freeride
  • 3 Strut Design
  • Pulleyless bridle
  • Trinity TX canopy
  • Lightweight trailing edge
  • Delta shape
  • Quick relaunch
  • Large depower range
  • Super stable
  • Long hang time
  • Forgiving character
  • Leash included

    Duotone Gonzales 2023 Kiteboard

    Super easy beginner kiteboard from Duotone

    The Duotone Gonzales is the most basic kiteboard from Duotone, specially made for beginners. Without too much fuss, just an easy kiteboard to make your first meters on the water as easy and pleasant as possible.

    To ensure that you master the first steps of kitesurfing as quickly as possible (riding and uwpind), the Gonzales has a flat rocker, soft flex and a mono concave bottom shape. The somewhat rounder outline of the Gonzales makes turning and toe side riding easier than boards with an angular outline. Between the bindings (not included as standard) the Gonzales has a grab handle with which you can easily carry the kiteboard to the water and prepare it for the water start. The bright colors of the Gonzales 2023 ensure that you can always find the kiteboard again quickly, if you made a crash.

    Features Duotone Gonzales 2023 Kiteboard

    • For beginners
    • Easy upwind
    • Soft flex
    • Comfortable due to chop
    • Mono concave bottom

    • Duotone Trust Bar 2023

      Fully redesigned Duotone Trust bar with Click-In safety

      The Duotone Trust Bar 2023 may be the little brother of the Click bar, but despite that it is still one of the better kitesurf bars on the market. This year the Duotone Trust bar 2023 has had a lot of new upgrades to improve the safety, ease of use and lifespan of the Trust bar 2023.

      Of course, the new Iron Heart VI Click-In system immediately catches the eye. With this new safety system from Duotone you can easily click your chickenloop back into the QR system after release. As an extra safety check, Duotone has made an indicator on the QR that turns green when the chickenloop has been put back into the QR correctly.
      The new 2023 Trust bar, like the Click Bar, will have a V-Distributor to easily adjust the height of the V-split. By adding V-Distributor you can now also ride the Trust bar 2023 on all other kites from other brands with a low split of the power lines. Also new on the 2023 Trust bar from Duotone is the Vario Cleat (which is still adjustable in height). The new cleat has a hook with which you can attach the end of the depower line to the cleat system. This means you no longer have an annoying dangling rope when you ride depowered.

      The material of the depower and safety line are made of a new, more wear-resistant material. The new line is designed by Robline exclusively for Duotone from a new, super durable, high quality material with super smooth Dyneema sleeve so that the bar glides very easily over the lines, resulting in minimal wear. We see a lot of the double kitelooping pros kitesurfers with this new 2023 Trust bar because of the easy slide of the bar. From 2023, the Duotone Trust bar will only be available in one size: S/M. The S/M Trust bar is super easy to adjust in width from 42cm to 49 by means of the new Flip Flop Floaters. Just like last year, the new 2023 Trust bar also has the super stiff FLITE99 lines from Duotone.

      Duotone Vario Combo 2024 Pads & Straps

      Comfortable and user-friendly bindings from Duotone

      The Duotone Vario Combo 2024 Pads & Straps is not to be missed in the Duotone 2024  collection. The bindings are very comfortable and structured for a comfortable ride. The pad is ergonomically shaped, so that bumpy conditions are absorbed as much as possible during the ride. In addition, the inside feels comfortable on the bare feet. The anti-slip ensures that the binding goes on and off when you want it, so that you can ride upwind with a fully powered kite at speed and when there is room you can show the highest board offs. The straps are easy to adjust by means of a Velcro closure, so the bindings are always tight enough. The advanced track system ensures that the bindings can be easily mounted on the kiteboard and are in the perfect stance, for maximum performance.

      The Vario Combo 2024 Pads & Straps fit all Duotone kiteboards from 2024 and previous years. The bindings are available in two sizes, XS/33-36 and SL/36-47 EU.

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