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Evo + Select 2020 Kitesurf Set Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Evo + Select 2020 kitesurf set

The perfect kite surf set for the beginner to advanced kite surfer!

The Duotone Evo is the best-selling kite from Duotone, and that has a very simple reason: the Evo is super all-round, a good choice for everyone. Whether you are starting with kitesurfing and learning how to go upwind, want to make jumps or make your hooked tricks more stylish, the Duotone Evo 2021 is ready to take you to the next level with its super reliable character. With this Duotone Evo 2021 set you get the Duotone Select 2021 kiteboard. This kiteboard actually has the same features as the Evo: all-round and suitable for beginner to advanced. With the Duotone Select you can easily go upwind, but you can also break your height record and land your first backroll. With the Evo below 10 meters we recommend the 22 meter lines, above the 24 meter lines.

Duotone Evo 2021 Kite

Dé alleskunner kite van Duotone met vernieuwd bridle systeem The Duotone Evo has been one of the most populair kites from Duotone for years. A pleasure for beginners to advanced, from waterstarts to big air. For air acrobat Tom Hebert there is only one choice, the Evo 2021! In his videos, he shows that you can really do everything with the Evo: freeride, freestyle, wave and kiteloops! The Duotone Evo is a super reliable kite and a favorite of many. That is why you might not expect any major changes to the Duotone Evo 2021, but that is certainly not the case.

Let"s start with what has been characteristic of the Duotone Evo for years. As in all previous models, the Evo 2021 has a lightweight three-strut profile. The shape of the Evo 2021 can be described as a delta kite. This is one of the most comfortable kite profiles. The delta profile of the Evo ensures that the Evo can easily kite upwind, steers smoothly and has a super easy relaunch from the water. In addition, the Evo gives you a huge hangtime!
The canopy that is used in the Evo 2021 is made from the Trinity TX Teijin canopy that was exclusively designed for Duotone. This canopy has a combination of a double and triple ripstop fabric. The Trinity fabric gives you the perfect combination of performance and durability. The Evo 2021 is equipped with dacron and kevlar reinforcements at important points, making the Duotone Evo 2021 a kite that can take a beating.

So, what’s new? It seems small, but the consequences are huge. The new Duotone Evo 2021 has a fixed bridle, instead of a pulley bridle. The leading edge also had to become stiffer due to this change. The result is that the Evo is more playful and direct. You now feel better where the Evo 2021 is in the wind window and what the kite is doing. In addition, the trailing edge pattern has been changed with the combination of materials and the tip geometry. In the video below the changes are discussed and explained by designer Ralph.

  • Allround | Freeride | Freestyle | Big Air
  • 3 strut design
  • Delta profile
  • New with fixed bridle
  • New trailing edge
  • Sturdy leading edge
  • Trinity TX Teijin canopy
  • Fast Relaunch
  • Good depower range
  • Long hangtime
  • Can be adjusted personally

    Duotone Select 2022 Kiteboard

    Freeride The best freeride kiteboard has returned in a 2022 version! The Duotone Select is an all-round kiteboard with which 90% of the riders will experience a fun session. The 2022 Select is designed for riders who want a forgiving kiteboard without too much fuss. Just a very good kiteboard with which you can cruise and carve in most conditions. The outline of the Select 2021 has been specially developed to easily ride over the waves and chop. It feels very playful and easy to ride.

    The Duotone Select has a freeride rocker line so that you can get up very quickly and easily ride upwind. It has a nice pop for the take off and the flex tips offer you a lot of control and comfort when landing. The Select is a board on which you will make rapid progression, but which you certainly will not get bored of!

  • Duotone Select 2022 kiteboard
  • Early planning and easy upwind cruising
  • Smooth in choppy conditions
  • Sporty pop and comfortable
  • Step mono concave
  • Carbon beam
  • Soft to medium flex

    Duotone Trust Bar 2021

    New lines, new grip. The Trust bar 2021 is better than ever!

    Duotone has done a lot of work on the new 2021 Trust bar, the biggest upgrade of the Trust bar in years. This year the Trust bar has been given new lines. The new lines are called FLITE99 and are made of super high-quality SK 99 Dyneema. These FLITE99 lines are 12% stronger, stretch 15% less and have 6.5% less resistance due to a thinner diameter. In addition to having super stiff lines on your new 2021 Trust bar, another additional advantage is that your kites will feel more direct when you ride them with the new SK99. A thinn Monofill line is woven through the core dyneema material of the FLITE 99 line. This Monofil line ensures that the FLITE99 line does not kink if you accidentally fold it in half. A kink can already cause deterioration of the breaking strength of the kite line, with the Monofil this is prevented.
    Also new in 2021 is the color of the grip on the Trust bar. There was a demand from the market for a clear red color on the left side of the bar, as is also used in sailing. So this year a clear red left side and a gray right side of the Duotone 2021 Trust bar.

    In other respects the Duotone 2021 Trust bar has remained the same. The depower works with a clam cleat that you can trim above the depower cord. There is a stopper ball on the depower cord so that the bar cannot stand too far away from you. The safety works with a single line flag out system, this is the safest system on the market. The QuickRelease on the Duotone 2021 Trust bar complies with the new ISO standards. As a chicken loop you can choose different options. The most popular chickenloop is the freeride chickenloop. You use this chicken loop if you do not unhook and use a harness hook, an advantage of this is that the bar is close to you and you have maximum depower reach on the depower cord. Another frequently chosen option is the freestyle chicken loop, this loop is somewhat larger than the freeride loop and you could therefore also unhook with this loop. The wakestyle kit is used by freestyle kite surfers who love nothing more than unhooked freestyle tricks. The rope kit is suitable for directional kite surfers when you only sail with a rope to have as much freedom of movement as possible.

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