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Gambler 2019 Kiteboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Gambler 2019

Wakestyle beast equiped with new slick base bottom!

If you"re looking for a crazy wakestyle board for behind the cable or in the park, then you should definetly consider the Duotone Gambler. The Gambler 2019 is the choice of the Duotone wakestyle team Colleen Carroll, Noe Font and Craig Cunningham. The stiffness of this board ensures great pop and well-controlled landings. The stiffness helps you to press on a box or any other obstacle. The new slickbase layer on the bottom of the board ensures that you don"t have to skip any obstacle anymore and still have a very durable board

The double concave gives the gambler a lot of grip so you can also ride it without fins. This board includes S-Bend WK 2.0 Carbon 30 fins. Thanks to the in-line track system, you can adjust your stance in many different ways, we recommend riding the Gambler with boots!

  • Hard Flex
  • Deep Channels
  • Slick base bottom
  • Biax Fibre construction
  • Absorption Flex tips
  • Wakestyle
  • Hughe pop
  • Recommended to ride with boots

    Duotone Gambler 2019 Kiteboard

    Duotone Gambler

  • Size Chart Duotone Gambler Kiteboard

    Kiteboard maat in cm Gewicht in kg
    135 X 41.5 55 - 70 kg
    139 X 42 65 - 85 kg
    143 X 42.5 >80 kg kg

    This size chart is an indication. Depending on your riding style and kitesurfing level you can choose for a different kiteboard.
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