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Jaime SLS 2021 Kiteboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Jaime SLS 2021 Kiteboard

High performance freestyle kiteboard

To start with, the SLS (Strong, Light & Superior) range from Duotone Kiteboarding is simply equipped with the latest, most innovative and the best materials available. These are the products we want to ride, where countless hours have been put into the Duotone R&D team until everyone is 100% satisfied. This way you know that if there is an SLS logo on a Duotone product, it has been placed there for a reason.

The Duotone Jaime SLS is made and developed with the latest and most innovative materials and techniques. New for 2021, the Jaime SLS is equipped with the innovative Textreme Innegra construction. Textreme Innegra has similar properties to Textreme Carbon to provide more stiffness and feedback to the rider. Textreme Innegra has the advantage that it gives a much softer feel and therefore makes cruising and carving more comfortable. For example, the board has enough flex to ride comfortably and soft landings, but the Textreme Innegra construction provides enough torsional stiffness and full control to the rider.

Partly due to the Textreme Innegra construction, this SLS Kiteboard is even lighter than the standard Duotone Jaime 2021.The bottom shape of the Jaime SLS 2021 uses a quad channel in the tips. For example, the board has a lot of grip at high speed, you go upwind very well and you can carve away all hard landings well.

The double diffuser bottom is used in the middle of the board. This means that there are 2 Concaves to push the water away to the rail of the board. Not only will this give you much more control, but you will also have a lot more control on hard landings!

Are you looking for the Best high performance freestyle board to make your freestyle tricks even fatter, or your megaloops even higher? Then the Duotone Jaime SLS is for you!

  • High Performance freestyle
  • Quad channels in the tip
  • Double diffuser bottom
  • Textreme Innegra construction
  • hard doll
  • hard flex
  • Freestyle
  • Big Air
  • Old school

    Duotone Jaime SLS 2021 Kiteboard
    Duotone Jaime SLS 2021 Kiteboard

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