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Mono 2020 Kite Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Mono 2020 Kite

Lightweight one strut kite from Duotone

The Mono is the one strut kite from Duotone. The Mono is super nice as a foil kite because of the great low-end and as a light wind freeride kite on your twintip or directional. The new 2020 Mono is built with a new construction, which means that the Mono 2020 has been completely redesigned for maximum weight savings and thus has even better light weather performance than ever before.

The basis of the new 2020 Mono is a lighter canopy. A new 140g dacron and a light double ripstop canopy have been used for the Mono 2020. In combination with new construction details, this makes the 2020 Mono the lightest Mono kite that Duotone has ever developed. The Mono feels completely different. Due to the light weight, the Duotone Mono has more drift, a finer handling and the Mono stays better in the air with less wind. The weight saving has also made the relaunch of the Mono easier. As in previous years, the Mono has a super large depower range and continues to steer well when you are depowered. In general, the Mono 2020 has a gradual constant pull, so you can use the Mono on a foil or light wind directional kiteboard. Due to its light weight, the Duotone Mono 2020 is also the perfect kite if you want to take a kite with you on a trip, without adding too much weight to your luggage.

Duotone Mono 2020 Kite
Duotone Mono 2020 Kite

Ilyas Knauf
Ilyas Knauf
9 October 2020

Deze kite heeft mij vaak verbaasd, dit is de ideale foil kite! Omdat hij zo licht is als een veertje blijft hij echt in elk briesje hangen in de lucht. Heb zelf met 6 knopen kunnen foilen en de kite had geen moeite mee om in de lucht te blijven hangen.

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