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Pace & Spirit Freeride Foil Set Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Pace & Spirit Freeride 700 Foil

Complete foil package from Duotone for beginners and advanced riders

Are you looking for a complete starter foil package, where you can also grow into for hydroil kite surfing? Then this complete Duotone foil set is definitely one for you. Duotone has made a nice all-round set up with which you can master your hydrofoiling skills. The set consists of a Duotone Pace Foilboard and the Duotone Spirit Freeride 700 Foil. We'll tell you more about both below!

Duotone Pace 2019 Foilboard

New in the Duotone lineup this year is the Duotone Pace. This versatile foil kiteboard is included in this set with the 4 "10". This stylish board has a convex bottom shape. This makes it easy to overcome waves and prevents nose diving. The wide nose offers maximum surface area and volume under the front foot. This makes it super easy to get on, even in light wind. This is a foil board that also advanced foilers will enjoy. The foil board can be used with one, two or three feet. A lovely smooth foil board for cruising on the "windless" days!

Duotone Spirit Foil Freeride 700

The Duotone Spirit Foil is a foil suitable for nice flat water, but it certainly lends itself well in the waves. A playful foil that comes out of the water easily and can make nice short turns. The Spirit Foil is available in three different sizes 60cm + 75cm or 90cm. The great thing about this set from Duotone is that the masts are interchangeable. For example, you could start with a short mast, which makes it a bit easier to learn in the beginning. After a while you will end up with the 75cm or 90cm mast.

  • Beginner to advanced
  • Aluminum hydrofoil
  • Choice of mast (60cm / 75cm / 90cm)
  • Versatile
  • Tacking system
  • Playful character
  • Top quality

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