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Quest TT 2019 Surfboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Quest TT 2019 Surfboard

Wave freeride directional surfboard

The Duotone Quest TT is the perfect board if you are looking for a super strong, easy to ride wave board to make your first steps into the wave riding discipline. The Quest TT has a forgiving traditional surf shape that you quickly ride away with. Do you want to take your first steps on a wave board? Then the Duotone Quest TT 2019 is your best choice!

The shape of the Duotone Quest TT 2019 is super versatile. The moment you step on the Quest TT 2019 you feel the confidence under your feet. The stability and control you get from the Duotone Quest TT 2019 result in thick off the lips and giant carves.

The fact that the Duotone Quest TT 2019 is a strong one can be directly deduced from the name of the TT construction. TT stands for Tough Technology. The board is super strong and can therefore handle a beginner who is more rugged with his board and occasionally jumps over a wave. The Quest TT 2019 features a new kind of tail pad for extreme grip and a thruster fin setup which gives the board extra agility. The Duotone Quest TT 2019 is the ideal directional to learn to ride waves with!

  • Super strong TT construction
  • Classic design
  • A lot of control
  • Thruster vin setup
  • Without straps
  • Includes tailpad and fins
  • Size: 5"10 "X 18 - 24.9L

  • Size Chart Duotone Quest TT 2019 Surfboard

    Surfboard maat Gewicht in kg
    5"10" 60 -90kg

    The size chart is an indication. Depending on your riding style and kitesurfing level you can choose for a different size board.
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