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Select 2021 Kiteboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Select 2021 Kiteboard

Freeride for all kitesurfers by Duotone

The entire Flex pattern in combination with the flat rocker makes the board easy to ride away quickly and going upwind on a twin tip has never been easier. Due to the flat rocker, the board gives less resistance through the water, and you can therefore sail with less power than with other twin-tip kiteboards.

Partly due to the sporty and sharp rail, the kiteboard has a lot of grip. This way you can always keep your sales good. Not only is this ideal for learning to jump, but also for jumping higher and breaking your records!

Thanks to the Space Flex Technology tips, the kiteboard still gives a very playful and controlled feeling. The Space Flex tips consist of a stiffer outline with a softer core in the tip. This way the entire tip can go in the water and absorb all the chop for an ultimate soft ride in choppy conditions and super soft landings! In addition, the Space Flex tips of the Duotone Select help with all turning characteristics. By bending the tail, the board has a super short turning circle, perfect for carving through the water and even wave riding!

Are you looking for a light and comfortable twin tip for high jumps and a cool style? The Duotone Select 2021 is the perfect freeride board. The sporty outline, flatter rocker and Space Flex Technology makes this board super playful and sporty, but still retains its comfort and forgiving characteristics.

  • Duotone Select 2021 Kiteboard
  • Planing made easy
  • Super fast upwind
  • Space Flex Technology tips
  • Smooth in choppy conditions
  • Sporty feel
  • Soft landings
  • Carbon beam
  • Soft to medium flex
  • Step mono concave

    Duotone Select 2021 Kiteboard
    Duotone Select 2021 Kiteboard
    Duotone Select 2021 Kiteboard

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