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Whip 2021 Surfboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Whip 2021 Directional

Strapless freestyle / surf

The new Whip 2021 is designed to rip small to medium waves, but also focuses on strapless freestyle. The compact shape (CSC) offers you direct feedback and makes the board light and playful. For 2021, the Whip has undergone a major development to improve its surfing skills. This year the wide point is placed slightly forward and it has a more rocker nose. As a result, the Whip surfs even better and the board feels very balanced.

The Duotone Whip offers snappy steering behavior on the wave and good feedback from the rider. Yet you can also jump with it and land easily and smooth. The Whip 2021 seamlessly combines the two worlds of strapless freestyle and pure high-performance surfing, so you never have to choose again!

  • Duotone Whip 2021 directional
  • CSC Compact Shape design
  • Good grip and balance
  • Fast and stable
  • Vacuum bamboo construction
  • Cork Shock Absorption
  • Some concave
  • Grab rails

    Duotone Whip 2021 Directional

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