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Kite Gifts

Are you looking for the ultimate kite gift? Kitemana has a nice collection of awesome gifts to make any kiter happy. Or maybe you want to give yourself a little present (we won't tell anyone ). Check out the nice gifts on this page. We have kite gifts for an affordable price, we know these days can be quite expensive. But feel free to go crazy if you want. We know exactly what kiters like to get and have already made a nice pre-selection of affordable giveaways for the surf dudes/chicks among us. Take a good look around and if you have a question about one of these kite gifts, please call or email us.



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Stealth Bar
Stealth BarMystic
Kitemana Golf Travel Light Boardbag
Kitemana Golf Travel Light BoardbagProlimit
Stealth Waist Hardshell  Harness
Stealth Waist Hardshell HarnessMystic
Star Impact Vest 2022 Frontzip
Star Impact Vest 2022 FrontzipMystic
Stealth Bar Surf
Stealth Bar SurfMystic
Impulse TR
Impulse TRPeter Lynn
Mercury 2021 Frontzip Impact Vest
Mercury 2021 Frontzip Impact VestProlimit
Quad Surfboard Storage Rack
Quad Surfboard Storage RackNorthcore
Shotgun Kiteboard
Shotgun KiteboardLieuwe
Brand 3/2 Backzip 2022 Wetsuit
Brand 3/2 Backzip 2022 WetsuitMystic
Kitemana GO V1 Powerkite
Kitemana GO V1 PowerkiteOzone
Majestic 3/2 Frontzip 2020 Wetsuit
Majestic 3/2 Frontzip 2020 WetsuitMystic
349.00 €199.00
Majestic 5/3 Backzip 2020 Wetsuit
Majestic 5/3 Backzip 2020 WetsuitMystic
369.00 €219.00
Majestic 5/3 Frontzip 2021 Wetsuit
Majestic 5/3 Frontzip 2021 WetsuitMystic
369.00 €259.00
Neoprene Winter Set
Neoprene Winter SetMystic
133.80 €119.00
Orbit 2020 Kite
Orbit 2020 KiteNorth
Wetsuit Pro Dryer EU Plug
Wetsuit Pro Dryer EU PlugSurflogic
Kitemana Golf Aero Boardbag
Kitemana Golf Aero BoardbagProlimit
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