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WOO 3.0 Altitude Meter

The 3rd generation WOO

Nowadays you can hardly ignore it! Almost every kiter rides with an altimeter to record his jumps and compete against his friends for the highest jump of the day. The WOO is one of the most popular devices and is ready to launch the third generation. Now with live tracking, better battery life and a secure measurement through 9 sensors. Join the game!

This year there will be a big update at the WOO. From now on he can be connected to your Smartwatch! This means that you can see how high you are going live, an extra motivatios to go faster and higher than ever before. An additional plus is that WOO has improved the battery life. It lasts 12 sessions so you do not have to worry about that anymore. We already knew the waterproof housing, of course, but this year there will also be an improved version so that the life span of the WOO is much better than before. WOOP WOOP!

9 new sensors

The biggest focus of the WOO 3.0 is surely the improvement of the sensors. Because of this he works more accurately than ever and you can hardly doubt the height of your jump and airtime. The 9 powerful sensors determine the height and length of your jump based on a quick calculation and the associated G-forces. No GPS, but certainly just as accurate.

WOO 3.0 assembly and use

The improved WOO 3.0 is glued to the middle of your board with the mount. Note, before you go on the water you must first let him harden for a further 24 hours. Once dried up, you are ready to record your kite, wake or snowboard session. Press the button on the top of the WOO 3.0 and you are ready to go! Haven't got a smartwatch? Then connect the WOO 3.0 to your smartphone or tablet after your session. The nice thing about the WOO is that there is a very large online community so that you can quickly share your session with all your friends. One thing is for sure, from now on you will really get a bigger size for those mega jumps and kiteloops.

WOO 3.0 Wakeboarding and Snowboarding

The WOO 3.0 is also suitable for wakeboarding and snowboarding. He easily records the rotations and measures which tricks you have landed so that you will develop even faster. It also measures the height and Airtime and you get points for your tricks that you do.

  • Includes mount and charger
  • To be charged via USB
  • Up to 12 sessions with full battery
  • Waterproof construction and mega strong
  • App to download on your smartphone
  • Pre order it now and receive the 3.0 first!
  • Also suitable for snowboarding and wakeboarding
  • Large online community

    WOO 3.0

    WOO 3.0

    WOO 3.0

    WOO 3.0

    WOO 3.0

    WOO 3.0

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