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CBL 2020 Kiteboard Cabrinha

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Cabrinha CBL 2020 Kiteboard

Cabrinha freestyle / wakestyle twin tip kiteboard

The Cabrinha CBL is a kiteboard for the more extreme and technical side of kitesurfing. A wakestyle twintip for the sickes backmobes, handle passes, front mobes and more! The CBL is also a kiteboard which you can use as a wakeboard or cable board.

The Cabrinha CBL has a high rocker with little flex, which results into a huge pop and soft landings. This allows you to practice and style tricks with great confidence. In the bottom there is a quad concave for a lot of grip on the water. The tip channels offer a little extra grip especially when you edge hard for the pop. In addition, the bottom of the CBL is finished with a strong grind base so that you can go over sliders and obstacles without worrying to much about your kiteboard. The channels along the rail of the CBL give you grip and control at high speed. The inserts are made of strong ABS material and we recommend kitesurfing the CBL on boots to experience the best kitesurfing characteristics and pop of the Cabrinha CBL 2020.

  • Freestyle | Wakestyle
  • Advanced kite surfer
  • A lot of pop
  • Stiff flex
  • Quad concave
  • Tip channels
  • Rail channels
  • Slider base
  • ABS inserts
  • ABS rail
  • Including fins

    Cabrinha CBL 2020 kiteboard

    Cabrinha CBL 2020 kiteboard

    Cabrinha CBL 2020 kiteboard

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