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Contra 2020 Kite Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Contra 2020 Kite

Lightwind kite from Cabrinha with new Nano Ripstop canopy

The Cabrinha Contra is the solution for the days with low wind. The Contra is specially designed to handle the wind as effectively as possible, creating speed for your twintip, directional and foil board. Cabrinha has optimized the Contra for 2020. The optimization results in improved and lighter steering of the Contra. That"s nice, especially because the Contra is a big kite. In addition, the Contra has an improved low-end and a lighter bar pressure.

The optimization does not come out of the blue. The improved flight characteristics are partly due to the new Nano Ripstop canpy that Cabrinha used in the Contra. This Nano Ripstop canpy has twice as many cells as a normal Ripstop canpy. This makes the canopy stronger and stiffer. And that results in a faster steering kite with a more optimized profile. The Nano Ripstop canopy is finished with a special plasma coating, which means the Contra has a longer lifespan.

The Cabrinha Contra was already one of the best light weather kites on the market, with the new Nano Ripstop fabric and optimized flight characteristics, the Cabrinha Contra 2020 will certainly remain at the top when it comes to light weather tube kites. So if you want to kit more sessions per year, go for the Cabrinha Contra!

  • Light weather kite
  • Three struts
  • Effective design
  • New Nano Ripstop canopy
  • Improved low end
  • Faster steering
  • Improved bar pressure
  • Easy relaunch
  • Pure Proflie panels

    cabrinha contra 2020 kite

    cabrinha contra 2020 kite

    cabrinha contra 2020 kite

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