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Cabrinha Fireball Spreaderbar

Het nieuwe tijdperk van de Chickenloop is aangebroken, de Fireball!
Cabrinha - Fireball Spreaderbar


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Intro Het nieuwe tijdperk van de Chickenloop is aangebroken, de Fireball!

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Cabrinha Fireball Spreaderbar

The only real fireball spreaderbar to complete your fireball system

Cabrinha thought it was a good idea to release a completely new hooking system and they succeeded! The new Fireball system from Cabrinha is insane, to make it work you need this spreaderbar because he has a special hook.

Thanks to this fireball connection, riding hooked in will never feel the same again. Kitesurfing with the fireball system feels a lot more comfortable. Because of this ball, you get a more connected feeling and there is less friction while sending your kite left and right. The socket of the fireball is a lot closer to your harness which reduces the forces generated when rotating your body. Depowering your kite is also a piece of cake with the fireball system.

A unique feature of the fireball system is its locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is located on the spreader bar itself and can be opened at any time. Once it"s closed, you"re better locked in than ever before, with less friction.

  • Spreaderbar suitable for the fireball system from Cabrinha
  • Suitable for almost all harnesses
  • Strong stainless steel
  • Ergonomic bar pad
  • Nice finishing touch

    Cabrinha Fireball Spreaderbar

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