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HI Rise Lift 2020 Foil Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Hi: Rise Lift 2019 Foil

Entry to advanced hydrofoil level

The Cabrinha 2019 Hi Rise Lift hydrofoil is made for kitesurfers who are looking for a versatile foil set with which you can start with and that you can take for a hydrofoil freeride and wave ride.

The HI: Rise Lift can be divided into the lower aspect ratio spectrum of the hydrofoils. This means that the HI Rise quickly creates a lift at low speed, which is very nice if you just start hydrofoiling with your kite. In addition, the lift feels smooth and stable. The top speed of the Hi Rise lift is not as fast as its brother the Speed, this makes the Hi Rise more agile and therefore perfect to practice the first turns and toe-side sailing.

The low aspect ratio and fast lift of the Hi Rise Lift ensure that you can sail with very little wind. Even if you love foiling in the waves, the Lift is the way to go! Because the HiRise Lift creates a super fast lift you can easily surf the swell. The HiRise Lift is a super versatile foil and the perfect hydrofoil to make your first foil meters with!

  • Super strong but 20% lighter aluminum mast and fuselage
  • Strong and light basalt fiber front and rear wing constructon
  • Standard 60 or 85cm mast
  • Titanium coated hardware
  • Low aspect ratio
  • ABS insert reinforcements
  • Waterproof construction
  • Mounting system for rail and 4 point connection

    Cabrinha HI Rise Lift 2019

    Cabrinha HI Rise Lift 2019

    Cabrinha HI Rise Lift 2019

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