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S:Quad 2021 Surfboard Cabrinha


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Cabrinha S:Quad 2021 Directional Surfboard

Down the Line Power Surfing Cabrinha Directional Kiteboard

Due to its narrow and "curvy" shape, which is by the way the narrowest of the entire Cabrinha 2021 lineup, the S:Quad is immediately at speed. The fast rocker also contributes to this great feature. In addition, the S:Quad is characterized by a squash tail for a clean release. The Quad fin setup provides optimal grip and is great for making long bottom turns when needed but will transition to a snappy top turns on command.

Even though the strapless riding of the S:Quad will give you the ultimate surf feeling, it is also possible to ride the S:Quad with straps so that you can rip even more aggressive and harder on waves. The S:Quad comes with a tailpad but the fins and front pad are sold separately. It has a modern classic surf shape specially designed for performance kite surfing and therefore the S:Quad is the best choice for down the line waves.

  • S:Quad Directional Surfboard Cabrinha
  • Power surf performance
  • Quad fin setup
  • Fast rocker
  • Straps and strapless
  • Superior grip and high speed stability
  • Narrow curvy outline
  • Good rail-to-rail transition
  • Bamboo cork construction
  • 5"7" x 18.5 "x 2.1" - 23.4L
  • 5"9 ”x 19.1” x 2.2 ”x 26.3L

    Bamboo cork construction
    Cabrinha S:Quad 2021 Directional Surfboard
    Cabrinha S:Quad 2021 Directional Surfboard
    Cabrinha S:Quad 2021 Directional Surfboard
    Cabrinha S:Quad 2021 Directional Surfboard

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