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Tronic 2020 Kiteboard Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Tronic 2020 Kiteboard

The best carving twintip made by Cabrinha!

The Cabrinha Tronic 2020 is made for freeriding. Super smooth cornering, comfortable kitesurfing and wave riding with your twin tip, that is what the Cabrinha Tronic excels in. A unique kiteboard of its kind and a pleasure for the freerider with a preference for the waves.

The high rocker and soft flex ensure that the Cabrinha Tronic ride through rugged water very easily and with great comfort. With the round outline you can carve like you have never felt before. The Tronic likes it if you press it hard with a powerful heelside or toe-side turn on a wave. But against a jump or a trick, the Tronic will not say "no". There is a four double concave in the bottom of the Cabrinha Tronic 2020. Because of this concave, the Tronic 2020 has a good grip on the water, but remains playful enough for dynamic freeride characteritics. On the inside, the Tronic is made from a Paulownia wooden core which ensures the comfortable flex of the Cabrinha Tronic. The edges are provided with an ABS protection to make the Tronic extra durable. So, if you want to freeride, make turns, carve, play between the waves with control and comfort, the Cabrinha Tronic 2020 is the way to go!

  • Freeride | Wave
  • Powerful carving
  • Super comfortable
  • Good upwind
  • High rocker
  • Quad concave
  • Wooden core
  • ABS Rail
  • ABS inserts
  • Including fins and grab handle

    Cabrinha Tronic 2020 Kiteboard

    Cabrinha Tronic 2020 Kiteboard

    Cabrinha Tronic 2020 Kiteboard

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