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Bolt 3 Kiteboard Core Kiteboarding

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Core Bolt 3 Kiteboard

Core wakestyle kiteboard

Nothing is extreme enough for you. Only the craziest tricks are challenging you. You are wakestyle / freestyle boss of the spot. You stick that backmobe with your eyes closed and grind the gnarliest sliders. The Core Bolt 3 is just as radical as you are. Go big or go home! The Core Bolt 3 kiteboard can take a beating, has a thick rocker and an even thicker pop. Soft landings with a lot of control ensure that you can stick that backmobe with even more style.

The Core Bolt 3 is made of a construction with a Paulownia wooden core and a double layer of Cartan® Carbon. This makes the Bolt 3 stiff, lightweight and very strong. A new multi-channel profile has been applied in the bottom of the Core Choice 3. The extra thick channels give you a lot of speed and a huge amount of grip, so much so that you can ride the Choice 3 without fins to hit the sliders for example.

There is a V shape in the tips. This shape is based on the shape with which speedboats also speed through the water. The V-shape gives stability and easily cuts through choppy water. There are different thicknesses in the rail of the Core Choise 3. 9.5mm in the middle to 3mm in the tips. The different thicknesses in the tips give the Choice 3 a different flex profile over the entire board and extra pop.

The Core Bolt 3 has a progressive freestyle / wakestyle rocker. The most rocker can be found in the middle of the board. Every size in which you buy the Core Bolt 3 has a flex pattern specially adjusted for that size. Thanks to the wakestyle rocker you have thick pop, agile board and your landings are comfortable. You will of course ride the Core Bolt 3 on boots. The inserts are extra reinforced so that you can pop and land as hard as you want with the Core Bolt 3. To top it off, Core has given the Bolt 3 kiteboard a slider base. This slider base is a super strong protective layer on the bottom of the kiteboard. If you hit something hard once with this slider base, you can easily level the bottom again with a PTEX candle, as long as the damage has not gone through the slider base.

  • Wakestyle kiteboard
  • Double Cartan® Carbon layer
  • Wooden core
  • For the advanced kite surfer
  • Boots ready
  • Wakestyle rocker
  • Multiple deep channels
  • Variable rail thickness
  • V shape
  • Including G10 28mm and 42mm fins

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