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GTS6 KiteCore Kiteboarding

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Core GTS6 Kite

Core's new kiteloop freestyle machine with new strut construction: the GTS6

The GTS is the showpiece and the most award-winning kite from Core. With the GTS, Ross Dillon Player won the Red Bull Megaloop Challange in 2019, in these rough conditions the true nature of the Core GTS emerged: the ultimate kiteloop machine. In addition to this victory, Joshua Emanuel regularly shows what the GTS is capable of, including during the King of the Air. Now Core finally comes with the latest version of the Core GTS, the Core GTS6. The new Core GTS6 is more stable and faster, one of the best hybrid kites for the experienced kite surfer!

The biggest upgrade to the GTS6 is the use of a new strut construction. The construction of the struts of the Core GTS6 consists of a newly redesigned ExoTex Light. This makes the struts lighter and still as strong. In addition to the upgrade in material, the shape and diameter of the struts on the GTS6 have also been improved. As a result, the GTS6 is more stable in the air, the GTS6 is a bit more direct and has a little more power through the corners.
The second major upgrade is the newly designed Radical Reaction Tips. These C-style wingtips make the GTS6 feel like a C kite but with all the advantages of a hybrid kite. The C style tips give you super good feedback, giving you all the confidence to do the sickest kiteloops.

Frank Ilfrich, the designer of the Core GTS6, admits that it is difficult to make a kite like the GTS even better than the kite already was. Still, they managed to make the GTS6 better than the GTS5 by improving the construction of the kite, because that is something Core has always been good at, says Frank Ilfrich. Everything the GTS5 had, the Core GTS6 also has. The three strut design, the Future C shape. The larger diameter of the new ExoTex Light struts ensures less bending of the struts, weight savings and a sportier and more powerful feeling in the loops.

  • Freeride | Freestyle | Kiteloop
  • Hybrid C shape
  • Three struts
  • CoreTex® tripple ripstop fabric
  • ExtoTex® Dacron
  • New ExoTex® Light struts
  • New strut diameter
  • Ultra short bridle
  • CIT Modes

    Core GTS6 Kite
    Core GTS6 Kite
    Core GTS6 Kite

  • josha
    20 July 2020 on 09:09

    If you're into jumping, looping and performance freeride than de GTS is the kite for you! It has an amazing lift and a great response. The GTS6 feels a bit more reactive and even more stable than its predecessors. I use the kite mainly for kite loops and it's truly a kiteloop machine. It will never let you down and always catches you after the kiteloop. You will even have plenty of momentum after the loop to spot your landing and land easily. What a beast!

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