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Sensor 2S+ Control Bar Core Kiteboarding

Core Sensor 2S + bar

Thin, light bar with adjustable line lengths from Core

The Core Sensor 2S + has everything the Core Sensor 2S also has but with standard different lengths of your lines. That"s cool, because now you can also play with the line length and, for example, make a massive kiteloop on short lines. The Sensor 2S + bar has 24 meters of lines with a structure of 18 + 4 + 2 meters. That way you can fly your kite at 18, 20 (18 + 2), 22 (18 + 4) and 24 (18 + 4 + 2) meters. Your kite will feel different at every different line lenght, so go play with it for your ideal setting.

Twisted lines are a thing of the past. The new Core Sensor S2 + has the S system. This is a combination of a ceramic untwisting system with S-neck. The ceramic untwisting system uses high-tech ceramic bearings, so that the power lines effortlessly untwist. The S-neck ensures the perfect connection between the depower lines and the QR system and a super smooth "untwist" of your lines.

The lower part of the power lines consist of the strongest lines on the market, Techtanium lines. The lines are equipped with a polyether shell so that you can effortlessly pull your bar towards you. The straight center part of the bar weighs only 230 grams and is made of super strong but extremely light titanium. The titanium has a thick EVA padding with contours for extra grip.

The width of the Sensor 2S + bar can be adjusted by placing the line attachment more in or out on the bar. So you can adjust the bar width from 46 to 52 centimetres, super simple with moving a knot! One bar for your 4 meter Core to 19 meter Core kite. The depower system of the Core Sensor 2S + bar works with a "clam cleat", this is the simplest and most user-friendly depower system on the market. You pull your depower rope towards you for depower and let it go for more power. If the clam cleat is out of your reach then you can move it down for the most ideal distance. Is this Core Sensor 2S+ bar still not good enough for you? Then be sure to check out the Sensor 2S Pro bar from Core.

  • 24 (18 + 2 + 4) meter lines
  • Ceramic bearings
  • S-neck
  • Tectanium depower lines
  • Clamcleat depower system
  • Twist QR
  • Supported Single Frontline Safety

    Core Sensor 2S + bar


    Core Sensor 2S + bar

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