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Sensor 3 Pro Bar Core Kiteboarding

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Core Sensor 3 Pro Bar

Lightest, stiffest and super strong kitesurf bar from Core with Tectanium® lines

With the introduction of the new Core Sensor 3 bar, a new Sensor 3 pro bar has of also been introduced. The Core Sensor 3 Pro bar is the most high performance kitesurf bar from Core. Every detail has been thought out to perfection and only the very best and strong materials have been used to assemble the Core Sensor 3 Pro bar.

The biggest change of the Core Sensor 3 Pro bar compared to the Sensor 2 Pro is the release system. The Core Sensor 3 Pro bar uses a CIC (Core Intuitive Connect) Release "push-away" system. The system itself is clearly recognizable by the red part above your chickenloop which you have to push away from you to activate the safety system. To reassemble the safety system, just push the end of the chicken loop back into the CIC system and you"re ready to go! The Core Sensor 3 Pro bar comes with a standard loop. A rope slider and pro loop are also available for wave riders and wakestyle kite surfers.

Another upgrade over the previous Sensor Pro bar is the ease with which the lines can be adjusted in width using the Stealth Winders and the Live Wire system. You can open the Stealth winders and place the steering lines more in or out in the Sensor 3 Pro bar. This makes the Sensor 3 pro bar adjustable in width from 46.5 to 50 centimeters. The new Live Wire Floaters are not integrated to the Sensor 3 Pro bar sit just a bit just above the bar so that your lines can move in the most natural way to get the best feeling with your kite.
The Sensor 3 Pro bar itself has a new grip: Griploc. This grip is thin and has elongated grip lines running across the bar for the best grip at all times. Left and right are clearly indicated by the black and white color of the Sensor Pro 3 bar. On the back of the bar is even very clearly marked with a stop sign so that you know at a glance whether you are holding the right side of the bar, that can save your life after a kiteloop bar spin. ;)

A number of things have remained unchanged. For example, the Core Sensor Pro 3 bar still has the super smooth auto-untwist system. The depower also uses the same cleat system as the Sensor 2S pro bar. Of course, this version of the Core Sensor Pro bar is also equipped with the strongest kitesurfing lines on the market: Tectanium® lines. The Tectanium® lines are made exclusively for Core by the German lines manufacturer Liros. The Tectanium® lines on the Core Sensor 3 Pro bar are 24 meters and divided into 18 + 4 + 2 meters. This way you can test an infinite number of line lengths for kite surfing and ultimately do the sickest kiteloops on short lines. The Core Sensor 3 Pro bar comes in a handy bar bag so you can always store it neatly.

  • 24 meters of lines (18 + 4 + 2)
  • Tectanium lines®
  • Carbon with titanium core
  • High Y split
  • New Core Intuitive Connect QR system
  • New Griploc grip
  • New Live Wire floaters
  • New Stealth Winders
  • Cleat depower system
  • Including leash
  • Including bar bag
  • Including standard loop

    Core Sensor pro 3 Bar
    Core Sensor pro 3 Bar
    Core Sensor pro 3 Bar

  • Constantinos  Ktoris
    Constantinos Ktoris
    22 September 2021

    Andreas Mannott
    Andreas Mannott
    2 April 2021

    Ich nutze die Sensor 3 Pro seitdem sie releast wurde rund 2-3 die Woche... bisher keine (!) Verschleißerscheinungen! Die Leinen sind super starr, sowas gibt es sonst nirgendswo! Die Leinenlänge aus 18m + 4m + 2m werde ich nie wieder missen wollen. Wer noch nie seine Leinen umgeknüpft hat sollte dies dringend nachholen! So kannst du das Flugverhalten und den Einsatzbereich deines Kites wirklich grundlegend verbessern.

    Robert Bloot
    Robert Bloot
    4 December 2020

    CORE maakt met deze nieuwe bar echt een mega sprong wat betreft de afwerking en kwaliteit. Super clean, en vanwege de inklappende uiteindes voelt de bar super wendbaar. Ook de grip is verbeterd want je kan nu (nog) makkelijker met 1 hand je kite controleren.. En zelfs de quick release werkt 10x beter dan het oude systeem. Tis een hoop geld, maar in mijn ogen volledig waard

    Bart (Kitemana)
    Bart (Kitemana)
    3 April 2020

    The most extreme kitesurf bar from Core has become even more extreme and better! Finialy the Sensor 3 bar has a push away safety which makes this Core Sensor 3 pro with the strongest lines on the market one of the best kitesurf bars available!

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