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Entity Ergo 2021 Pads & Straps Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Entity Ergo 2021 Binding

Super comfortable kiteboard binding for your Duotone twintip

Your binding is the connection of your kiteboard with your body. It is therefore important to have a good and comfortable binding. The Duotone Entity Ergo binding is such a binding. The Entity binding was designed by Duotone after thorough research into the anatomy of the foot. As a result of that research, the binding is made up of various parts to stimulate the blood circulation of the foot, your feet will be less painfull during a long kitesurf session.

The footbed is made up of several pieces of sturdy, but soft, EVA padding that is molded to the shape of your foot. Grip edges have been applied in various places to ensure that you always remain firmly in the Entity. A small raised edge is built into the area of your toes, which provides extra comfort and grip. At your heel, on the outside of the pad, a raised edge gives extra support to your ankle so that you always remain stable in the pad when you land.

The straps of the Duotone Entity Ergo 2021 binding have a soft bottom that fits perfectly on the instep of your foot. In addition, the strap consists of two separate parts so that the Entity strap will fit nicely on every foot. The straps closes by means of a pressure system with buttons. This is useful because you always know exactly how tight you have your binding, even if someone else has adjusted them slightly differently. Also handy is the storage compartment for your screws that is in the Entity binding. After a long journey by plane, you will have your screws at hand to get on the water as quickly as possible! Duotone uses a tracking system to which you attach the Entity binding. This makes the Entity binding only suitable for Duotone kiteboards or North kiteboards from before 2020. Check the picture of the size finder at the bottom of the page for the best fit.

  • Duotone twintip kiteboard binding
  • Super comfortable
  • EVA padding
  • Grip edges
  • Heel support
  • Toe edge
  • Push closure
  • 4 different sizes
  • Grab handle not included

    Duotone Entity Ergo 2021 Binding
    Duotone Entity Ergo 2021 Binding

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