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Evo + Gonzales 2022 Kitesurf Set Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Evo + Gonzales 2022 Kitesurf Set

The most popular kitesurf set for beginners by Duotone

The Duotone Evo kitesurf set is back! But beware, stock is very limited. We have not seen a Duotone Evo set with a discount like this for a long time. This Duotone Evo set with Gonzales is the ideal kitesurfing set for the novice kitesurfer. The Duotone Evo is one of the most popular kites at the moment: super all-round and very easy to use. Going upwind, jumping and turning has never been so easy! The Evo 2022 in combination with the Gonzales is the ultimate winning team for the novice kite surfer. The Gonzales has a flat rocker, nice flex and a large surface so you can easily ride away and come upwind with little effort. This Duotone Evo set includes a 22 or 24 meter Trust bar. For Evo’s up to 10 meters the short line length is recommended (22 meters), for Evos of 10 meters and larger the 24 meter Trust bar is recommended. These are just recommendations, it's not that the Evo won't fly well on a different line length.

Duotone Evo 2022 Kite

Super friendly all-round freeride kite from Duotone

The Duotone Evo 2022 is the most user-friendly and most all-round kite from Duotone. Everybody’s best friend and very easy to deal with. From beginner to pro and from freeride to big air, the Duotone Evo 2022 is super versatile and fun for everyone! It’s not a surprise that the Duotone Evo is on of the most popular kites on the market.

The Duotone Evo cannot be defined by just one kitesurfing discipline and that is precisely what makes the Evo 2022 your ideal first kitesurfing kite. Whether you are going to practice your first jumps, going upwind or trying to control the hydrofoil: the Duotone Evo 2022 will take you by the hand and ensure that you will confidently make progress in all kitesurfing disciplines. But it doesn't just stop at riding your first meters. Kitesurfing professionals such as Tom Hebert and Lewis Crathern show that the Duotone Evo 2022 can also perform at the highest level. The Evo 2022 does not back down for hooked tricks and big air in particular.

Freeride is where the Duotone Evo 2022 excels. The 'sheet-and-go' feature of the Duotone Evo makes it a piece of cake for everyone to ride away with this kite. Due to the large depower range on the bar and the stable character, the Evo 2022 can be controlled very well in all conditions. A gust is super easy to caught by pushing the bar a bit away from you. Going upwind is also no problem with the Duotone Evo 2022, so you quickly gain the confidence to push your level! While practicing your first backroll, jump or just that first time riding through the surf, your kite will probably end up in the water a few times. Fortunately, relaunching the Duotone Evo is super easy. Due to the round shape of the LE and the wingtips, you only have to pull on a steering line and have a little patience before the Duotone Evo 2022 is back above you at twelve o’clock. Ready for your next trick!

The Duotone Evo 2022 is made of the super strong and exclusive to Duotone Teijin Trinity TX canopy. This is a special 3x2 ripstop fabric which ensures a perfect ratio of flex, stiffness and weight. This in combination with a fixed pulley-less bridle ensures a fine and gradual steering input from your bar. You can easily and quickly inflate the three strong struts and LE with the Duotone one-pump valve. Make sure you have a Duotone pump, hose or adapter to inflate your Duotone Evo 2022.

In short, are you looking for a super friendly and easy kite? Then the Duotone Evo 2022 is definitely a kite for you! The perfect kite to make rapid progress and to discover all disciplines of kitesurfing.

  • Allround Freeride
  • 3 Strut Design
  • Pulleyless bridle
  • Trinity TX canopy
  • Lightweight trailing edge
  • Delta shape
  • Quick relaunch
  • Large depower range
  • Super stable
  • Long hang time
  • Forgiving character

    Duotone Gonzales 2022 Kiteboard

    Super easy beginner kiteboard from Duotone

    The Duotone Gonzales has been the entry-level kiteboard from Duotone for years and ensures that you will have an easy start with kitesurfing. The Gonzales has all the features you look for in a beginner's twin tip.

    To start with, the Duotone Gonzales 2022 has a soft flex that will allow you to ride through choppy water with ease. Duotone has chosen to add a relatively low rocker to the Gonzales. Rocker is the curve in the board, the less rocker the easier you can go upwind. That is ideal for the novice kite surfer. In addition, the Gonzales has a fairly large surface compared to other boards, so that you will plane extra easily when you generate power with your kite. Because the tips of the Gonzales are extra rounded, it is easier to do transitions. If you have mastered the basics of kitesurfing and want to practice your first jumps at high speed, the single concave in the bottom will give you enough grip for control and a nice take-off. To top it all off, Duotone has given the Gonzales a super cool design, and with the red color you will be able to spot your kiteboard in the water quickly if you lose it.

  • All-round | Beginner
  • Low rocker
  • A lot of flex
  • Round tips
  • Highly visible color

    Duotone Trust Bar 2022

    The reliable and user-friendly Trust bar from Duotone

    The Trust Bar is easy to use and does exactly what it was made for. The bar comes standard with 4 lines, but can also be converted to 5 lines. Also this year the FLITE99 lines were used, which are super strong. The kite feels realy direct with the FLITE99 lines. A thin Monofil line is woven through the basic Dyneema material of the FLITE99 line. This Monofil line ensures that the FLITE99 line does not break if you accidentally fold it in half. A snap can already cause a deterioration of the breaking strength of the kite line, with the Monofil this is prevented. The bar is very easy to depower due to its cleat above the bar. The height of the cleat and sliding stopper can be adjusted in height to personal preferences.

    Left and right is clearly marked with the bright red color and the clear white color. The grip has been adjusted this year to a somewhat coarser pattern, which provides an improved grip and hold at the bar. The floaters have also been modified and given a new design. This year's winding posts are made of a fully molded glass fiber reinforced polyamide construction which saves weight. The Trust bar has been made extra safe, so the quick release Iron Heart IV safety system complies with ISO standards. The safety works with a single flag out system, one of the safest safety systems on the market. With the added suicide ring lll you can sail suicide and keep the ring your leash away from the chickenloop. The option ensures that you can easily hook in and out for big freestyle tricks.

    The bar comes without a chicken loop, so you can choose different chicken loops. One of the most popular chicken loops is the freeride chicken loop. You use the freeride chickenloop if you do not unhook and have a trapeze hook. An additional advantage of the freeride chickenloop is that the bar is closer to you, making it easier to power and depower your bar. You can also opt for the freestyle chickenloop, which is a bit larger and is good for hooked sailing, but also perfect for doing an unhooked trick. For real freestyle kite surfers who unhook non-stop, there is a wakestyle chickenloop. For kite surfers who surf on a directional and a lot of wave riding, there is the rope kit. The rope kit is made for a rope as a spreader bar, so not if you sail with a hook.

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