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Evo SLS 2022 Kite Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Evo SLS 2022 Kite

Super high performance Evo in SLS construction from Duotone

Last year the Evo SLS (Strong, Light, Superior) was an immediate success. This was the kite that many kite surfers were waiting for. For a long time the Duotone Evo SLS was completely sold out, now the new Duotone Evo 2022 is finally available!

Compared to the first version of the Evo SLS, the Duotone Evo SLS 2022 has been slightly modified. Following feedback from riders, the 2022 Evo SLS has become a little friendlier compared to the 2021 Evo SLS. The difference with a Dice was too small. The Duotone Evo SLS 2022 now steers a little less aggressively, gives you a more gradual pull into big air and lets you land a little more calmly back on the water compared to the 2021 Evo SLS version. This has made the Evo SLS 2022 the most versatile kite from Duotone. Freeride, big air and even kiteloops, the Evo SLS 2022 can do it all! You could even call the Duotone Evo SLS 2022 a 'quiver-killer', the only kite you need.

The Duotone Evo SLS 2022 is for kite surfers who find the Evo a nice kite, but who want just that little bit of extra performance. More direct steering behaviour, slightly more bar pressure, more lift and easier kiteloops. The Duotone Evo SLS easily takes your kitesurfing level to the next level. The SLS construction of this Evo consists of a combination of a Penta TX leading edge, Flex Strut and Trinty TX ripstop canpy. All this ensures that the Evo SLS has a stiffer profile than a standard one (50% less stretch), and it also saves weight (15% lighter). The SLS upgrade therefore gives the Evo a more dynamic handling which is the key to more height, more hangtime and more tricks!

Are you looking for a kite for performance freeride with the possibility of big air, kiteloops and hooked freestyle? The quiver killer Duotone Evo SLS can do it all. The SLS construction makes it lighter, stronger and more direct than a standard Evo.

  • Duotone Evo SLS 2022
  • Freeride | Big Air | hooked
  • Three struts
  • High Performance Evo
  • Penta TX Dacron
  • Flex Struts
  • Trinty TX Ripstop
  • Pully less bridle
  • Tip Tune options
  • Easy relaunch
  • Good upwind performance
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