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Gonzales 2022 Kiteboard Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Gonzales 2022 Kiteboard

Super easy beginner kiteboard from Duotone

The Duotone Gonzales has been the entry-level kiteboard from Duotone for years and ensures that you will have an easy start with kitesurfing. The Gonzales has all the features you look for in a beginner's twin tip.

To start with, the Duotone Gonzales 2022 has a soft flex that will allow you to ride through choppy water with ease. Duotone has chosen to add a relatively low rocker to the Gonzales. Rocker is the curve in the board, the less rocker the easier you can go upwind. That is ideal for the novice kite surfer. In addition, the Gonzales has a fairly large surface compared to other boards, so that you will plane extra easily when you generate power with your kite. Because the tips of the Gonzales are extra rounded, it is easier to do transitions. If you have mastered the basics of kitesurfing and want to practice your first jumps at high speed, the single concave in the bottom will give you enough grip for control and a nice take-off. To top it all off, Duotone has given the Gonzales a super cool design, and with the red color you will be able to spot your kiteboard in the water quickly if you lose it.

  • All-round | Beginner
  • Low rocker
  • A lot of flex
  • Round tips
  • Highly visible color

    Duotone Gonzales 2022 Kiteboard
    Duotone Gonzales 2022 Kiteboard

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