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Jaime 2022 Kiteboard Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Jaime 2022 Kiteboard

Freestyle kiteboard with big pop, speed and grip!

The Duotone Jaime is a board that has been able to keep its name high within the Duotone family for years. This is mainly because the board is so versatile and will bring out the best in you in terms of big air, speed and freestyle tricks. Your Duotone Jaime sets the bar high and will inspire you to land new tricks. The Jaime 2022 has a very sporty character and immediately feels familiar beneath your feet. This is Duotone's most popular kiteboard in the world and the pioneer for a modern twin tip.

With the Jaime 2022, Duotone went in search of the ultimate balance between performance and ease of use. The Jaime is a very lightweight kiteboard, but still offers enough stiffness for a very good pop. One reason why the Jaime 2022 is very popular with many riders is because it cuts through the water so nicely. This in combination with soft landings ensures a very high performance freeride/freestyle experience and above all a mega fun session.

The pop of the Duotone Jaime 2022 is amazing, so you can push off very hard and controlled for a jump. Its forgiving nature makes landings very smooth and easy. The Duotone Jaime 2022 is equipped with Absorption Flex Tips. These adapt to the chop and ensure that the water runs off very nicely. The 2022 Jaime has a very distinctive Double Diffuser bottom with double concave. This makes landing very comfortable because the bottom breaks the water. The Duotone Jaime 2022 is a wonderful freeride/freestyle board for the advanced rider!

  • Duotone Jaime 2022 Kiteboard
  • Torsional stiffness thanks to carbon web
  • Stable and comfortable in the chop
  • Soft landings
  • Quad channel in the tips for grip
  • Double diffuser bottom for buttery soft landings
  • Medium flex

  • Alexander Brand
    Alexander Brand
    15 October 2021

    Bought a Duotone Jaime 2021 after a few years of riding the Duotone Select. I wanted to get more into freestyle & big air instead of just cruising around on my Duotone Select. The Jaime has an incredible grip and also good flex. More grip results in easier way of holding my edge when riding towards a kicker. Due to the higher speed and better grip my jumps are getting bigger! For landing bigger jumps the medium rocker really helps alot and make them feel softer than ever before. This board also feels more playful than my Select.

    I would recommend choosing a Duotone Jaime if you have a few years of experience and want to focus more on your progression in freestyle and big air. I also really loved the feeling of the Select but it's a bit more of an easier board (great for starters and cruising around). 5 star rating!!!

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