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Juice 2021 Kite Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Juice 2021 Kite

High performance light weather kite for big air and hooked tricks from Duotone

The Duotone Juice 2021 is your secret weapon to double your number of kitesurfing sessions in the year. The Duotone Juice 2021 is not your standard large light weather kite. The new Juice 2021 is surprisingly fast and direct, which makes the Juice 2021 feel super sporty and it not only stays with boring back and forth riding during your light wind session, but you can also practice hooked tricks with loads of hangtime.

A lot has changed compared to the previous Juice, and that's why the Duotone Juice 2021 feels really different. The focus when designing the new Juice 2021 at Duotone was on faster steering characteristics. Duotone has adapted the wingtip of the Juice 2021, creating a lighter bar pressure and making the kite easier to restart. But that is not everything. The leading edge of the Duotone Juice 2021 is made from a new kind of stiff and lightweight dacron. This makes the Juice 2021 lighter and more direct. In addition, the struts are made of the Duotone exclusive Flex-Strut material. The flex struts ensure that the Juice 2021 can deform more so that the Juice 2021 steers super fast for its size. As if that wasn't enough, all of the Juice 2021 bladders have been replaced with lightweight bladders to improve low-wind performance.

All these upgrades provide an unprecedented high-end performance low wind kite. The Duotone Juice 2021 is the perfect low wind kite if you don't feel like a boring session. With the Juice 2021 you can make endless jumps with an unprecedented hangtime. That is why this is the ideal kite to practice your old-school and hooked kitesurf tricks. If the wind unexpectedly starts to blow a bit harder, that is no problem for the Juice 2021. The three struts can handle the stronger wind and you will only be able to jump higher!

  • High performance light weather
  • Freeride | Foil
  • 3 New Flex Struts
  • New dacron material
  • New lightweight bladders
  • Light bar pressure
  • Fast steering
  • Exclusive Trintiy TX canopy
  • Different settings

    Duotone Juice 2021 Kite
    Duotone Juice 2021 Kite

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