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Mono 2022 Kite Duotone Kiteboarding

Duotone Mono 2022 Kite

Light weather hydrofoil and freeride kite from Duotone

Even with little wind you want to get out on the water, and that is possible! With the Duotone Mono 2022 you have one of the light weather specialized kites from Duotone in your quiver. Because the Duotone Mono has only one strut, a lot of weight is saved compared to a three- or even five-strut kite. And as a result, the Duotone Mono flies very easily in low wind. If you really want to be a light weather king, you can of course use the Mono on the hydrofoil, for maximum low end! If you are a little less demanding, you can have great light weather twintip sessions with the Mono. We recommend that you take the slightly larger sizes of Mono (11, 13 or 15 m²) and use the Mono in combination with a Duotone light-weather twintips such as the Duotone Spike.

The Duotone Mono 2022 is super easy to use and quite light on the bar. That makes the Duotone mono also very suitable for novice kite surfers. Despite the single strut, the Mono still has an easy relaunch. Many other strut kites have a tendency to flap and therefore become more unstable in the air, the Duotone Mono does not have this and stands like a house in the air. This is partly due to the Fusion Strut connection, where the strut is 100% attached to the LE with a flexible dyneema yarn, so that the canopy of the Mono remains tighter. Once in the air, the Mono feels dynamic and steers fairly quickly, especially in the smaller sizes. Ideal for when you want to pull a fast downloop to get onto the foil.

Like the other Duotone kites, the Mono is also made of high-quality Teijin Trinity TX cloth. The Mono has several tune options, both on the bridle and on the tips to ensure that you can always tune the kite exactly to your wishes and get the most out of your light weather session!

Features Duotone Mono 2022

  • Duotone Mono 2022
  • Light weather twintip | foil
  • Single strut design
  • Trinity TX cloth
  • Fusion Strut
  • Easy relaunch

    Duotone Mono 2022 Kite

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