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Foil Skate V2 2021 Airush

Airush Foil Skate V2 2021 Directional

Thin hydrofoil kiteboard with twitip construction

The Airush Foil Skate kiteboard is a hydrofoil board with a twintip construction. This makes the Airush Foil Skate thin but very strong, stiff and stable. The Foil Skate has little volume and the weight of a large twin tip. This makes the Foil Skate a bit deeper in the water and the start is more like that of a normal twin tip. The Foil Skate can be sailed with or without straps through the strap inserts. You could even use the Foil Skate without hydrofoil as a super playful traditional skate style kiteboard. The hydrofoil can be attached to the bottom of the Foil Skate with the help of the low-drag foil inserts. The Airush Foil Skate comes standard with a deck pad. The Skate Foil is available in two sizes, a 124 and a 145.

  • Hydrofoil kiteboard
  • Twintip construction
  • stable and durable
  • including inserts for straps
  • Bombproof
  • Ecoboard Project

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