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Ultra 2019 Bar Airush

Airush Ultra 2019 Bar

Special minimalistic bar for the Airush Ultra

The success of the Airush Ultra asked for a bar specially made for the best light weather kite in its class. The bar was designed with the same philosophy as the Ultra kite: extremely simple and lightweight for the advanced kitesurfer. Complete your Airush Ultra kite with the Ultra bar and get the most out of your Ultra kitesurf set!

What you will immediately notice is that the depower trim system has been removed from the bar. This makes the Ultra bar completely free of large and heavy depower straps or clam cleat systems. That can come in handy if you are foiling when you often have some slack on your lines. You now set up the depower defore for your session by adjusting it on a number of knots above your depower cord.

Under the simple 3.0 quick release the small chickenloop ensures that you always have the bar close to your body and have a maximum depower range on the extra long depower cord. The sturdy bar ends ensure that when you ride with little tension on your lines the lines will not tangle around your bar quickly.

  • 24 meters of lines
  • Large depower cord range
  • Short chickenloop
  • 4 lines
  • Minimalist bar
  • Without strap or clam cleat depower
  • Depower by means of buttons
  • Thin bar diameter
  • Including short lease

    Airush Ultra 2019 bar

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