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Green Room Surfboard Core Kiteboarding

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Core Green Room Directional Surfboard

Big wave directional kite surfboard from Core Kiteboarding

The feeling of surfing the biggest wave of your life is indescribable. Some of us drive for hours to the best spot to catch the wave of their lives. But if you do not live in Mauritius, Hawaii or Portugal then you want to be well prepared when the surf hits your local spot. You are well prepared with the Core Green Room. The Green Room from Core is a directional surfboard that is fully loaded to surf, with or without a kite, of the biggest wave of your life!

The Core Green Room is incredibly fast. Staying ahead of the wave is no problem. In addition, the Core Green Room is very agile and gives you a lot of control while surfing the wave at high speed. The most important ingredient that allowed Core to fine tune the Green Room so well is the Polyurethane core with fiberglass construction. This combination of core and construction is the only way you can precisely shape the rail, rocker, outline and bottom profile for speed and maneuverability on steep waves. In comparison with the Core Ripper 3, this Green Room surfboard is a lot narrower and has 15% less volume. The Green Room also has a round "pin-tail".

Another additional advantage to the Polyurethane core is that it does not absorb water. The core is reinforced with a wooden double stringer. In the bottom of the Core Green Room is a light single concave that runs in a V to the tail. This is perfect for sharp and controlled bottom turns on high waves. There are inserts in the topdeck of the Core Green Room so that you can kiet with and without straps on this board.

The Core Green Room uses an FCS II thruster vin setup. The thruster setup gives you a lot of grip and control over your board. The nose of the Green Room has been filed a little by Core itself for safety, durability and so that your board fits into your boardbag more easily.

  • Big wave surfboard
  • "Closed-foam" core
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Big wave outline
  • Round pin tail
  • Double wooden stringer
  • Light single concave
  • Thruster setup
  • FCS II fins
  • Designed in Germany
  • 5"10" - 23.5L | 6"0" - 25L

    Core Green Room Surfboard

    Core Green Room Surfboard

    Core Green Room Surfboard

    Core Green Room Surfboard

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