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Sensor 2S Control Bar Core Kiteboarding

Core Kiteboarding Sensor 2S bar

Thin and light kitesurf bar from Core

To get the most out of your kite, a good bar is essential. Certainly with the Core kites, because they have a high split of the power lines. With a Core bar, your Core kites fly the best. Core has developed the Sensor 2S bar. A super light bar with a fine thin grip. Thin grip is always nice, but extra nice when you go in cold water and wear thick gloves. The Core Sensor 2S is designed for functionality. The Core Sensor 2S has a super clean design and only what you need has been added to the bar.

The Core Sensor 2S has a super light (230 gram) and thin body. The body is so thin and light because it is made of strong titanium. A thick layer of EVA grip padding surrounds the titanium. Extra contours have been applied in the padding to create a perfect grip. The depower of the Core Sensor 2S bar works with a "clam cleat" system. You pull the string on the clam cleat system towards you for the power and let the string go for more power. You will never again be bothered by twisted lines with the ceramic untwist system on the Core Sensor 2S bar in collaboration with the S-neck. Your power lines at the Core Sensor 2S bar will almost untwist by themselves, so smooth! The lines at the Core Sensor 2S bar are made in Germany, only 1.8 mm thick and can each hold a weight of 368 kg. The lower part of the power lines have been replaced with super strong thick Tectanium depower lines covered in a strong polyether. These are the strongest lines on the market. .

You can ride the Core Sensor 2S bar on all your kites. The Sensor 2S bar is variably adjustable from 46 to 52 centimeters. The smallest position can be used for your Core kite of 4 meters and the largest position is suitable for your 19m Core kite. The distance between your two control lines determines the "size" of your bar. You can easily reduce and increase the distance on the side of the Core Sensor 2S bar.

  • Light, thin and strong
  • Supported Single Frontline Safety
  • Titanium core
  • Twist Release
  • Adjustable width
  • Clam cleat depower
  • Ceramic untwist
  • S-neck
  • 24 meter lines

    Core Sensor 2 bar

    Core Sensor 2 bar

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