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Navigator 2020 Bar North

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North Navigator 2020 Bar

Super clean bar with Quick Connect release from North

When designing the new North Navigator 2020 bar, safety and simplicity were the most important. And if you look at the Navigator bar you can see that it worked out very well. A nice single PU tube through the bar with a simple clam cleat depower system. The quick release system works smoothly and can be reloaded again with the ease of a click!

The Navigator 2020 bar from North has a comfortable EVA padding with a pattern for extra grip. The bar ends are soft so that you cannot damage your (surf) board with it if you accidentally drop it on your board. If you often loop your kite or do rotations, you"ll love the Navigator bar. The specially designed PU depower cord and the swivel work together to make your lines twist apart super easily. The depower itself works with a clam cleat system where you pull the cord towards you for depower and make it longer for more power, it doesn"t get easier than that! You can use the North Navigator 2020 bar on all your kite sizes, because you can adjust the width. The Navigator bar is available in a 45 - 50 cm and 50 - 55 cm version. Adjusting the width of the Navigator bar is done in no time by turning a plate on the end of the bar.

You can immediately see that a lot of attention has been paid to the design of the quick release. The Connect Quick Release system of the Navigator bar is super simple. To activate the quick release, push the red plastic part away from you. Reassembling the release is easy by pushing the chicken loop back into the system, with a simple click everything is back together and you are ready to go.
The Navigator 2020 bar is supplied with a standard chickenloop. You can choose from four different chicken loops to suit your kite surfing style. For example, there is a special chicken loop for freerider, freestyler, wave surfer and all-round kite surfer. The chicken loops are easy to change without the need for extra tools.

  • 4 line kite surf bar
  • 40-50cm | 50-55 cm
  • Low split of the power lines
  • Clam cleat depower
  • PU depower tube
  • EVA grip
  • Soft bar ends
  • Dyneema lines

    North Navigator 2020 kite bar

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